Attract Favourite Type of Women Gem v.1

Attract Favourite Type of Women Gem v.1

which can be named as: Personalized Gem for attracting your favourite type of Women

Process of creating this gem in help of Etheric Device

 For boost attraction gem is made out the the Rose Quartz, wearable, so you can wear it near your heart area. The possibilities of attracting different types of women are limitless because for programming purpose there is required up to 8 pictures of your favourite women – and quantity of possible images across the Internet is just countless.

Gem can include from 1 up to 5 energies – you choose one from here: and it will be programmed & personalized for attracting your favourite type of women. Basically it’s “modification” of Seducer Gem.

It can be programmed with pictures on which there are many women, for example with images like these:

Gems are made upon order.


If you are interested in this amazing opportunity feel free to use this Contact Form: so we can discuss details of your desired gem.

Price is lower then price of Seducer Gem because programming energies from images with women can contain not pure energies and while gem is programmed only with Spiritual Forces – energy output is always clean and safe. I put this information here because you have to know about it before order.