Attract Money Mp3s Package 003 *Updated*

Attract Money Package 003 Updated with Bliss Engine v.2

for maximum financial success!

In the updated package you will find 2 new mp3s made with Bliss Engine v.2. These mp3s include highly focused suggestion and affirmations for creating financial independence and not only. There are suggestions for being multi-millionaire and opening own prosperous business.

The following audio spells has been streamed within each track in different combinations:

  • 3rd Sun Audio Spell for attract glory, riches renown

  • Attract Money Now Audio Spell

  • Succeed Effortlessly Audio Spell

  • 2nd Jupier Audio Spell for for acquiring glory,honors, riches, & tranquility of mind

First mp3 named as “GetRichNow” can be listen during other activities. While 2nd mp3 named as “GetRichNow_DeepReprogramming” should be listen only via headphones in relaxed state with eyes closed. 2nd mp3 has dual brainwave induction and it is desing re-programm your mind for massive financial success under deep relaxed meditation.

Here is list of affirmations and suggestion which has been programmed into the sound track (both mp3s have these affirmations, however in each mp3 they are encoded differently with different combination of Audio Spells).

  • I am multi-millionaire right now

  • I think like multi-millionaire

  • I am highly focused on manifesting large sums of money

  • I am highly motivated and productive

  • I decide to be fabously rich now

  • I completly believe in myself

  • I completly believe in my financial success

  • My destiny is to be extremely rich

  • I magnetically attract large sums of money [from everywhere]

  • I earn with passion

  • I change my negative belifes about money into postive ones

  • I earn a lot, and my current earnings increases within every week

  • I am successful

  • I manifested large sums of money effortlessly

  • I accept millions of money now and it is so easy

  • I think like businessman

  • I am financial genius

  • I attract millions of money effortlessly and I deserve to be very rich

  • My current earning increase and increase each day

  • I live in perfect abundance

  • I massivelly attract riches and abundance

  • I believe in myself deeply and completly

  • I allow myself to be multi-millionaire

  • I earn at least several dozen of dollars per month [or equivalent]

  • [+20 more different suggestion for financial success, business, etc, etc].

And here imporant information, for making it real you have to listen to it at regualr basis at last 30 minutes per day up to 1 hour for 14-30 days. If you noticed something positive gonna happen with your finances then go ahead and listen to it even for longer period of then 30 days. Also you may listen to it more hours per day as long it is comfortable for you. These are so powerful and effective mp3s. Money topic however is much different then attraction topic and you have to wait few days until some results happen – anyway for making it really effective you have to create “cumulative effect” which meaning every day listen to it – by doing it – you will create money attraction energy and new beliefs which will manifest desired money attraction opportunities. I do not require from hours of balb chanting mantras or making werid rituals – just listen to it at regular basis and that’s all.






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GetRichNow.mp3 – 18:04 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 43,4MB
GetRichNow_DeepReprogrammer.mp3 – 11:48 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 28,3MB

Mp3s are in ZIP file -for get access to these files after download use freeware software 7Zip.

After purchase your download never expires and files can be download at any tine you want thru TinyPass member area.

Post your feedback – can’t wait to hear you great success story!!

Note: All Bliss Engines Mp3s have build-in copyright protection. Do not recommend sharing these mp3s. The protection spell can be dangerous as well for those who shared as well for those who use these mp3s illegally.


auto-695063_640Yellow is the colour of ABUNDANCE – if you see more expensive cars on your way after listen to these mp3s and especially expensive yellow cars – it means your money attraction is on it’s way [it is the reality synchronization!!]