Attract Yoga Girls Mp3

Attract Yoga Girls Mp3

made with Bliss Engine v.5

This is not usual mp3. First of all it’s goal is to achieve two things at the same time. By listening to it you will easily attract yoga girls – but also boost your training discipline and finally creating strong, healthy body. This is somehow small “Seduction System” in one mp3. There are some suggestions that will make you want to join the yoga class – and this will give you opportunities of meeting new women. There aren’t any suggestion about sex itself – however there are suggestion for attract a special and beautiful love.

Here is list of audio spells in this mp3:

  • 1st Mars Audio Spell I for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments

  • 1st Mars Audio Spell II for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments

  • 1st Mars Audio Spell III for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments

  • 1st Moon Audio Spell for open’s all doors and locks, no matter in what way they are fastened

  • 3rd Venus Audio Spell to attract love, respect, and admiration

  • Discipline in Training Audio Spell

  • Self-Confidence Audio Spell

  • Enjoy Regualr Workouts Audio Spell

  • Attract a Special Love Audio Spell

  • Sitri Audio Spell – He enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired

  • Zepar Audio Spell – His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren

  • Sallos Audio Spell – He causeth the Love of Women to Men, and of Men to Women

  • Marchosias Audio Spell – And he is a strong fighter. He was of the Order of Dominations


And here are main goals within the affirmations programming and have two parts:

  • I attract sexy women that train yoga for beautiful love relationships

  • I joined to Yoga Class for my own health

  • At any Yoga Class I effortlessly meet many beautiful women with tend to love me

  • Women that train yoga are very open and friendly to me

  • Women that train yoga approaches me and start with me interesting conversation

  • I am always self-confident and I easily meet new women

  • I developed characterists of strong and powerful man

  • Women willingly approach me and start conversation

  • Women trust me and tend to seduce me

  • Women love to talk with me especially about interesting things to us


And second part:

  • I love to doing exercises, I take care of my muscles and my posture

  • I am training everyday, I am athletic, I have beautiful and balanced energy

  • I am always strong, healthy and I eat healthy foods

  • My body is always strong, healthy and I put a lot’s of effort to have strong and healthy body

If you do not have any Yoga Class in your city, then this mp3 could creates the state of negation, because it contains affirmations and suggestions programmed within the audio for joining yoga classes and meet women there for creating love relationships.

Also this mp3 is more about creating specific lifestyle, then getting sex. Mp3 is made to accoplish two goals at once. While 2nd goal of building strong and healthy body is not always consider as attractive goal, to giving much attention to it – the goal of attracting beautiful yoga girls – making it quite attractive and worth of attention. Maybe it a bit for lazy people that would like to improve their physique and at the same time have some luck with women.

It may happen that you will by listening to this mp3 – also attract some sport related women – even it focus on attracting especially yoga women, the attraction of other women is also included.

One Audio Spell, the 1st Mars for physical accoplishment and motivation has been installed in this mp3 – three times. It is because to give you supercharged powers to move things according to goals of this mp3. The mp3 itself seems to be quite powerful and it do not has any trance engines.

One of you mention that all mp3s made with Bliss Engine v.5 tend to act like Audio Talismans, if you even don’t listen to them much, but keep them at your iphone near your body, the works indirectly attracting things for which these mp3s are set and created.

This mp3 has ambient music track which is loaded with Audio Spells and is created in help of Bliss Engine v.5. The music is strongly charged with chi energy which contain programmed affirmations within.

Listening Tips: At least 60 minutes per day for 14-30 days for stable and permanent effects. You may listen more if you wish – and this will guarantee more and stronger effects. The best if you listen at stereo headphones, anyway earphones are good too. If you are excited about results go ahead and listen more then 14-30 days.


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AttractMoneyAndWomen.mp3 – 15:20 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 36,8MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines.

After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.