Attract Hot Women Mp3

made with Bliss Engine v.5.2. ChiRush and v.5

This mp3 in a way will push the limit of what is possible by using our technology. In Attract Hot Women there are 16 Audio Spells and there are 60 pictures of hot women encoded within this mp3. When you listen to it the images of women will in a silent way occur in your minds-eye and you can its use just like a visualization. There are no Trance Engines in this mp3 – some users report that other mp3s made with Trance Engines are much too powerful and chi-overload is easy to gain. When I made RemoveNegativeInfluence mp3 – I saw that these mp3’s can contains 20 audio spells and at the same time all work quite well. So why not to try making an mp3 with 16 Audio Spells and 60 images of hot women? Here it is. The affirmations and suggestions are similar to SDCTv.4. There was a lot of effort while making this mp3, and 60 images of women. The technology that allows us encode images into mp3s seems to rock.

16 Audio Spells in this mp3:

  • Extreme Attraction Audio Spell

  • Self-Confidence Audio Spell

  • Manifest my wishes Audio Spell

  • True Acceptance Audio Spell

  • Transmutation (Negative into Positive) Audio Spell

  • 3rd Venus – love, respect, admiration Audio Spell

  • 5th Venus Audio Spell

  • Ipos – being bold and witty Audio Spell

  • 2nd Mercury – manifest my wishes Audio Spell

  • 4th Venus Audio Spell

  • 1nd Venus – attract friendships Audio Spell

  • 2nd Venus – accoplish matter of your heart, grace Audio Spell

  • Aim – being witty Audio Spell

  • Manifest my dreams II Audio Spell

  • True Empower Audio Spell

  • Enjoy People Audio Spell

Within this mp3 there are encoded (image to mp3) 60 pictures of hot women – that’s why it is kind of an experimental mp3.

Listening tips:

– better if via earphones/headphones
– listen as much as it is comfortable for you, at least 60 minutes per day, you can listen more if you want to
– 2-7 days basic effectivness – 14-30 days more stable effectivness and permanent results


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AttractHotWomenMp3.mp3 (Bliss Engine v.5.2 ChiR and v.5) – 21:08 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 50,7MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines.

After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.