Bliss Engine Mp3s 2016

Bliss Engine Mp3s made up to 2016

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Seduction Mp3s

Attract Hot Women Mp3

Manifest Any Video Version Popularity & Attraction 2

Perfect Soulmate Attraction Mp3

Women Approach Me v.1 Updated to v.1.999

Attract Yoga Girls Mp3

New Sex Dream Comes True v.4

Perfect Lovemaking Mp3

Sex Dream Comes True Version 3

WAM 2 – Women Approach Me Mp3s

Attract Asian Women v.2


Attract Money Mp3s

Attract Money and Women Mp3

Attract Money Package 003 Updated with Bliss Engine v.2

Win The Lottery 2


Self-Improvement Mp3s

Handsome Man Creator

Order of Domination

Rock Star Self-Confidence

The Positive Affirmation Remix version 3.6

Positive Affirmations Power Remix v2.5

Overcome Worry Mp3

Grow Taller Mp3


Healing Mp3s

Get Rid Of Negative Influence Mp3

Wake Up Early Mp3

Hair Regrowth Mp3

I Control My Sexual Urges 2

I Control My Sexual Urges Healing Mp3 for Men

Relaxation & Stress Relief Mp3

Stress Free Sex Side Mp3


Learning Mp3s

Increase Creativity Mp3

Increase Intelligence Mp3


Metaphysical Mp3s

Powerful Psychic Skills

Super Faith 3

Protection Shield Mp3

Transmute my ‘Sexual Energies Into Money’ Mp3

Powerful Intuition Mp3

Manifest Any Video (into your real physical life) *UPDATED 2015*


Be aware – there is strong Copyright Energy encoded into each Mp3  – after you order any of these Audio Talismans – only your blood-relatives can use these AT2 legally. To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who own it on a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover,  the preprogramming applied proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.