Bliss Engine Mp3s FAQ

1). Are Bliss Engine Mp3s produces a positive and permanent change? Or are the effects short term?

Bliss Engine Mp3s create permanent change – epsecially when you listen to them thru 30 days or more. Sometimes for almost permanent effect 14 days of listening it enough, however it is recommend to keep listening to them through 30 days [even 40 days].

Also Bliss Engine Mp3s create only positive changes in your mind and body. Even there is possibility to make an “attack” mp3 – but by doing it – it decrease overall positive powers of the Bliss Engine Device. One time I decide that I will be making only positive mp3s – and everytime I use Bliss Engine Device the positive powers accumulate up creating more powerful and more positive energy for mp3s.

According to neuro-pathways theory – when you listen to any Bliss Engine Mp3s – your mind changing – and there is required period of 30-40 days for creating new neuro-pathways of listening to these mp3s – after that time effects become permanent.

Another question that Bliss Engine Mp3s can be considered as “pychoactive” tools – and probably because of enhancment with Audio Spells – effects may happen much faster then with different sort of subliminals. It’s only lead to more powerful changes – if you noticed that something is going your way after listening to these mp3s, even in just 1-3 days period after listening to – please keep using them – only listening on regular basis can guatantee stable and permanent effects.

2). What is Bliss Engine Device?

Bliss Engine Device is an metaphysical construction which can be consider as chi-generator device. However it’s just the device – recording mp3s with it required full spectrum of preparations, and different other things, like meditations, connecting with Energies, increase focus techniques, open channel, etc – in practice device do it’s job in about 30% and rest 70% is the job which must be done by person which use this device to create desired recording. It is not for sale. It really requires a lots of metaphyscial knowledge, and psychic skills, abilities to connect with different Energies to operate it. It is the continuation of Sound Image 5.0 device. It slightly automate process of recording mp3s.

3). How much I should listen to get permanent effects?

The general recommendation is to listen 30-60 minutes per day for 30-40 days for stable and permanent effects. 14 days of listening to these mp3s is the “magic” time when once reached can shows some visible effects – indeed each person is individual with own unique perception to see and notice changes caused by these mp3s – however after 14 days you should see that your reality gets super-charged and things have changed.

Of course if you want faster results – just listen more time per day – just keep in mind that some of these mp3s are pretty energetic and especially if you are energy-senstive-person – you could got chi-overload.

For example one person which listen to IControlMySexualUrges mp3 thru around 7 days at least 30 minutes per day – after this time his mind has changed and he successfully break his current routine of ejaculation frequency – and extended it by 50%. In this case it is strongly recommended to keep listening to; so effects will become more solid. By the way he also report that after he changed his mind to this point – he realized that mind is responsible for ejaculation frequency not his physical body – which could easily last longer much more time then frame of his mind. Very interesting!!

While you listen to any of these Bliss Engine Mp3s more then 30-60 minutes per day – please remember to keep listening through 14 days – and the results should motivate you to listen still until you achieve 30-40 days. After that time if you are very happy with the achieved results and you want more – you can contine to listen to – because there will be an “multi-layer” effect that will enhance the effects on more deep levels that before and during 30-40 days period [if you keep listening]; it’s like transforming neuro-pathways into neuro-roads or main neuro-streets.

4). Can I listen with earphone? I have smartphone. Will playing from it’s speaker effective?

Through speakers it will be less effective. It would be good if you listen to it via earphones and the best if you listen with headphones. Bliss Engine mp3s are design especially for headphones, or eventually earphones. Try using high quality earphones which has at least 25,000hz bandwidth (frequency response). I do not say that it will not works with speakers, but it will be much less effective. For max power and effectivness, headphones, or earphones are recommended.
5). How do I determine the earphones frequency response?
It’s should be written at back side of the package with earphones, or in it’s technical data, along with impedance, and some other tech data.

Usually it’s written at the back of the package.

6). Can i use your products with speakers?

There are different mp3 products at this website. Most of them are Bliss Engine mp3s.

The Bliss Engine mp3s – and especially these with Trance Engine generate strong energy output. Listening to them through speakers theoretically will give you similar effects to using them via headphones, or eventually earphones.

Listening to them with speakers works as well, the effectiveness is lower – anyway you can listen to them via speakers, and you will receive some results. Good if there are not iphone/smartphones speakers (which has most lowest effectiveness). Sound systems like 2.1 or 5.1 are good (just remember to turn off the equalizer), and of course all mini-towers, sound towers, etc.