Bliss Engine Mp3s Reviews

Most of you want to be anonymous, so I even do not post any initials.

Attract Money Package 003

Something about karma since I’m making money in a way that’s abnormal.  Oh, I have more feedback.  Just yesterday I listened to your newest money attraction spell one time since I’ve been listening in a loop for while. I said to myself that I’m going to make 200 dollars serving food today. Never done that before. Half way into a 12 hour shift I only made 71 dollars.  3 hours til I close and still at 71. A rush comes in and at the end of the night, I made 128 dollars and change in tips……….I was surprised but not surprised, when I saw the numbers and counted the money.  That was no accident.

Yesterday in four on tips I made 223 dollars.  No one in the company has ever been able to do that. Also I have received a one hundred dollar bill as a tip. This is the second time this has happened since I been listening to it.  But this is by far your best work if your customers take the time to listen to the mp3 in a loop.

Handsome Man Creator

Just that I feel great and confadent during and after listening. Also emboldened and able to just talk to anyone.

I also noticed that my face looked a bit different on day 2 after about 3 hours of listening.

Perfect Lovemaking:

Fil, Listened to the perfect lovemaking about 1 and a half hours and had sex that night, the affirmation about staying hard after orgasm is definitely working I was still hard for about 5 minutes after orgasm without going soft also, I noticed that my penis was definitely bigger.


This bbw mp3 is far above impressive. I have bought a few products from SMF , and usually I wait a few days for results. This gave me results in the same day after listening in loop 4 times!!

The relaxation and stress mp3 should have been charged for its worth. I have a busy lifestyle dealing with people everyday.  With a ten minute break, listening to this in loop; I’m even more productive.  It even clears my mind of personal problems. Thanks Filip. Can’t wait for what you have next month.

Mr. Anonymous


2 listens caused first two women I saw after- approach and talk to me(strangers) both smiled and were nice to me. I notice that it makes me very introspective and causes me to examine my own decision to listen to this powerful type energy. It is an amazing feeling to just know that I am totally co creating my own  So yes it is working. I think after 2 weeks of use someone wouldn’t need to listen any more. You can feel the programming take hold and time seems to slow down when your around attractive women.

[few days later]

Currently I am listening to each one SDCT4-Handsome Man-Perfect Lovemaking, one hour each daily. I can tell you that this is a great combo. Those who are using your MP3’s will get much more benefit by using this way.

SDCTv.4, Lovemaking, Handsome Mp3s

Still listening to all three at least one hour a day, Handsome Man creator makes me socially popular, All people want to know me and are affected by my presence, side effects – muscles are sore as if I work out 2 hours a day( getting leaner and more cut physically). Perfect Lovemaking ( have not had sex since the last review, My penis is bigger then before Its very noticeable and accepted the more I listen the bigger it is, also harder erections, The attraction track seems to work well here too (more focused). SDCT4 All women are attainable, All women in my path talk to me and its as if they act like I should pay them attention. So you have an amazing creation here with all three.

AT2s, Life of The Party, Digital Fantasy Girls Harem Version, TranscedantMagicalSexPowers

I  really like the life is a party mp3.I listen for just an hour the night before and the next day see a lot of nice looking chicks..I also see average and old ladies.The funny thing is how people react to me while carrying even just 1 to 5 of the mp3.Just one copy of mp3 on phone guarantees I will run into attractive women on my way.They usually won’t get to close though.It seems that the smaller a usb I use the more comfortable women feel around me.Today with just 2 copies on a 4gb usb Ive had men and women say hi and make small talk a lot more then usual.I’ve also been getting big smiles from women even though I wasn’t acting friendly.The Harem talisman I think gets a lot of attractive young women to come close to me but most don’t really notice me.Audio spells like popularity and attract friends tends to get me attention from people I don’t really care about.Personally I prefer energies like zepar and Sitri then King Solomon.King Solomon energies seem to be intimidating to a number of people but zepar especially makes women real friendly towards me.
When I first tried  TranscedantMagicalSexPowers I only used  1 copy on a 16gb usb.I didn’t really notice anything except that I felt more tired then usual.But after about three days I went to my faviorite bar and got drunk.There were girls pressing themselves all over me but I was too out of it to do anything.Two girls in particular let me know the talisman was working.One of them was Asian about 21-24 and exactly my type she told me I didn’t look friendly but she was giving me an appraising look.Her friend was really into me slim,darkhaired,white,and cute.Her friend was acting like I was gonna be a celebrity someday and she even took a picture with me.I remember another at work I say a super cute bubby Asian girl,also 21-24 and I gawked at her like an idiot.She just smiled and said hi..

AT2s (Audio Talismans v.2), ProtectionAT2, PersuasionAT2, LearnAnyLanguageAT2

Im already getting some positivte effects from the AT’s. The powerfulprotection seems to do wonders and all the others are great too. The demagogics im still having some issues with, but at the same time some of these spells etc trigger learning experiences. So its basically great and im exploring!

Manifest my desires GRP MP3

Post by Tradarcher123
Just dropping in to say that I have been testing this mp3 and the results are beond interesting,. Those who have the courage to listen regularly will notice vast improvement in life in general. Also this can be used to help much better results with all other manifestations you are using, this mp3 seems to work effectively at getting better results from carrying the audio talismans.