Bliss Engine Mp3s

Current version of Bliss Engine is v.6.

The idea is to charge any sound track with chi – accordingly to suggestions/or affirmations.

Each mp3 also can be charged with different Audio Spells.

For some more senstive people effects can be visible at the day one.

Some of you asked if these can be listen through radionics devices – yes, they can be.

This kind of mp3s, is currently most powerful and giving most powerful effects – all mp3s at this website.

Bliss Engine use radionics/psi techniques and requires great focus while recording. It is design to move listener’s chi powers while listening and creating in this way desired results. In indirect way it also change mind beliefs and mind-programs. Can be used for re-programming mind.

You may try free mp3s in feebies section.

The Bliss Engine v.6 has build-in Copyright Protection Energy Spell – and I do not take any responsibility if you use illegal copies.


If you have tired this mp3:
you could know how much effective this trance engine is.

(Sometimes in description it is said about double Trance Engine) Double remixed means that it is two times remixed subliminal (which contains a lots of energy) – in the 1st phase, the preparation of music soundtrack. Second phase is programming this soundtrack with energies and suggestions – which can be also named as overwritten.

If the soundtrack has a lot’s of energy (from subliminals, slient4ds, etc) – programming/overwritten it with energies and suggestions has additional fuel/drive. It could be compared to quality of fuel in your car.

For example SDCTv.4 contains 6 different trance engines, which is a bit overkill.

Trance Engine – these are remixes of different subliminals which can apply for trance enegies because of their energetic nature. If the mixdown mp3 has a lot’s of power in it – it is perfect for move this power by chi suggestion charged with energies in 2nd and last phase. 2nd phase is made with Bliss Engine (i.e. V6) – if the soundtrack is overloaded with powers – it has tremendous effect when giving the desired direction to these soundtrack’s powers by charging and moving it with chi suggestions and energies.

Mini Trance Engines – these are remixes of less energetic subliminals.

Personalized mp3 can be done and here more info about it.

We have these devices for enhance soundtracks with audio spells and suggestions/affirmations:

Bliss Engine v.6 – lastest and very powerful output of energy. Made with classical advanced orgone composite. Energetic output is really hard-hitting. 2x 3,4lbs.

Audio Talisman v.2 – similar strenght to Bliss Engine v.6 and it design for making audio talismans. Made with classical advanced orgone composite. 2x 2,9lbs,

Wealth Engine v.1 – light device for charging soundtracks with wealth/money energies. Made with out the best type of orgone composite, called as Extra. 2x 1,1lbs

Recording mp3s with these devices is usually pretty complex. In first phase soundtrack is prepared, sometimes with subliminals, frequencies, tones – or with the Trance Engines, mini-Trance Engines. In 2nd phase, there is addition of audio spells into the soundtrack; few short meditations for focusing energy, so the suggestions are more focused/precised; and last part of 2nd phase is charging the soundtrack with affirmations/suggestions.