at this  picture:


you can see the newest and most powerful orgone disk [up to date] made with new Extra Orgone Composition [here at SMF and HT4Y]. It’s under testing – slightly brittle around the edges – anyway it’s 3-5x more powerful then the old Extra Orgonite and it will be replacment [or partly replacement] of all Orgone Composites in all devices such as ListeningCrystalDevices, Pyramids, and other devices but excluding pendants.

Pendants itself will include this Extra Composite however will be not fully made from this.

The above disk is additionally charged with 3rd Sun Energy. It generating most life-supporting energy and the signature of energy is warm. When object is made out of the orgonite/orogne composite – it’s very rare thing to generates warm energy.

Special Extra Composite is very powerful and it also creates quite subtle energy fields.

It will be under some more experiments and very soon – replaces Improved Orgone Composite. It is also made with the highest quality of resin.