eXtreme Pendants v.2 are finally available.

There are 3 versions of them as follow:

  • General one – for all topics, wishes
  • Money & Wealth attraction
  • Sex, Love and Attraction

These ones v.2 are way more powerful then v.1 and have a lots pre-programmed add-ons. Also include intelligent energies.

There almost any issue can be solved with these v.2 pendants like for example

  • love, sex
  • money, wealth, success
  • protection
  • personal problems
  • archangelic help
  • help of solomonic energies
  • help of goetic energies
  • crop circles energies
  • universal energies (based on energies from universal symbols)
  • and many many more…

There is one time huge discount for all previous users which order any of the physical products including gems (so you can try the real power of these v.2 pendants). The discount is applicable to one standard orgonite eXtreme Pendant v.2 – the quantity of “x” power is not limited but within Small there is up to 6x, Medium up to 12, Large up to 14x. If you are interested contact with me via https://seductionmagicflow.com/contact-us/

Prices of these pendants will be increased because of their nature and a lots of effort which has been done.

P.S. If you have purchased a lots of mp3s from this website & HT4Y, you can also get discount for one Standard Orognite Pendant eXtreme v.2.