In the nutshell there is new type of mp3s on web. To this time there was mp3s that you have to listen if you want any benefit from them.

Only the bliss engines v.5 was a bit worked as audio talismans, but are design to listen via headphones.

Now, there is new type of mp3s, called as audio talismans, you dont need to listen to them at all.

Just put, copy them from your local disk into your pen-drive, and keep this pen-drive with 1 more copies of this audio talisman

near your body. Just simple, the audio talismans are not for listen to, its turn your pen-drive or iphone into type of item that radiate the energy,

which is encoded into audio talisman mp3.

Yep, they are pretty effective. Way more effective then bliss engine 1-5,

however I will still be making mp3s for listen via headphones,

but the audio talismans are not for listening, but for keeping them on your pen-drive/iphone.

Its like you copy the audio talisman onto your pen-drive, and then your pen-drive bacame an talisman/pendant programmed for whatever you want.

If I will make more of these audio talismans, you or anyone will be able to put more audio talismans onto own pen-drive. Something like customized pendant.

You can customize the power of your “magic pen-drive” by adding more copies of audio talisman mp3 like copied in different folders. Just make 5 folders from 1-5 and copy the file to each of these folder, so you will have 5 audio talismans on your pen-drive.