I am very glad to release Virtual Psionics. The first one is VirtualPsionis3000VX – which is the one I use for charging items remotelly. If you have one printed copy – you can charge any physical object in 20 minutes, and if you have more printed copies, then quanity of copies by 20 minutes. So if you have printed 6 copies then its 120 minutes for full charging.

You can also charge things remotelly, as I do. Anything can be charged with it. But it main purpose is to setting in very easy and simple way – trends [manifesting your wishes].

Psionis3000VX has power output comparable to physical RAD2400HD or slightly even more powerful.

The second one is VirtualGodCaster which is about 2-4 times stronger then Psionis3000VX. Charging also takes 20 minutes with one copy ever printed – but the effect of charging is much more powerful.

You may set trends with it and also charge all different things, begining from food and drinkables to pendants, gems, orgonite pyramids, even clothes etc etc.

Here is link to some important information and FAQ: https://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionics-read-about-faq/

Here VirtualPsionis3000VX: https://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionis3000vx/

And VirtualGodCaster: https://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-godcaster/


Some news: The Audio Talisman Device v.1 will be upgraded to v.2 and will be about 12-30 times stronger then v.1. For this I have to powderize some max power crystals. Very busy last weeks. When the ATv.2 will be ready, all audio talismans will be re-maked, and posted at website again.

BlissEnigneMp3s: BlissEngine v.5.2 will be update to v.6 (3-5X more power) and v.5 remains the same, because some of you like it as it is.