Hey Guys,

it is in thank of you, all those who purchased mp3s and different things, items from this website – this progress. Some of you asked for better and more powerful mp3s, and here where the idea of Audio Talismans were born. The AT2 is the new era of virtual pendants – you can by having pen-drive or any memory drive compose your own unique virtual pendant (drive with many copies of AT2). The quanity of them is up to you, if you like more power then choose 200 or 400 copies. If you are sensitive then choose 30-60 copies, sometimes 80.

Its good idea to order 32GB pen-drive, stick. And also have one smaller like 2GB for usage during sleep – where is recommended to do not use much copies, so your sleep will be more restful.

By purchasing these audio talismans, you don’t need at all ordering physcial pendants. Physcial pendants can be made upon these audio talismans.

The idea about these AT2 is very simple. The same you have music on your i-phone or mp3-player, of files on pen-drives – these all files, mp3s generate energy, but energy of any music mp3 is very weak, imagine then at a time – these files, digital files radiate with powerful vibes and powers – and the Audio Talismans v.2 do – you can even put them at your hard disk at your PC in many copies.

AND you don’t need to listen to them. Just put them on drive and keep it at least 10cm near your body – and do all these things you always dream about. The listening part is pretty interesting, I love listening relaxing music very good remixed, its part of my life. However in past years listening to mp3s took me about 12 hours per day! The should be balance, so Audio Talismans v.2 allow you to put your headphones off and enjoy your time – and manfiesting amazing things to your life – just by keep the pen-drive near your body with different Audio Talismans v.2 in different quantities.

Ok, here is link to AT2: https://seductionmagicflow.com/audio-talismans-at1/

And once again thank you for supporting SMF thru all these years. Now I am very happy to provide you such amazing tech as AT2. But without you and your suggestions, provided inspirations, requests this would be not possible.