Orgasmic Healing MP3 and ATs

Package made with Bliss Engine v.6 and other Bliss Engines

Audio Spells:

  • Orgasmic Healing I, II, III

  • True Empower

  • Ejaculation Mastery I, II

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Rabid Will-Power

  • Stress Dissolution

  • Perfect Spiritual Nymph

Ambient Music is infused with these suggestions:

  • I master art of strong, powerful and healthy orgasms

  • I always ejaculate “inside” and conserve my sexual powers

  • My orgasms are powerful, strong, very long and healthy

  • Everyday I do Kegel exercises; my PC muscles are strong, healthy and powerful

  • When I do lovemaking, I focus on the present moment (I don’t wait for final orgasm)

  • I build final orgasm step by step (I have real pleasure going from 1 to 9,999) [10 – means orgasm]

  • My orgasms fulfill me and are very powerful and extremely pleasurable

  • I experience full-body orgasms: I am the most orgasmic man ever!

Tips while listening: Try quality headphones. MP3 can be played in loop mode.

  • OrgasmicHealing.mp3
    (the one made with Bliss Engine v.6 and chi suggestions; see description on the top of the page).

Apart from it; what will you receive within the package?


  • 5xOrgasmicHealingSpherical.mp3
  • 2xOrgasmicHealingSpherical.mp3
  • 10xOrgasmicHealingSpherical.mp3

(Spherical version of Orgasmic Healing)

Important information before listen to Binaural MP3s:
Those who should not use these MP3s include: pregnant women and those who are wearing a pacemaker, those who have had or are prone to seizures, and those are epileptic, whether knowingly or not. Those who should consult a physican before the use of this MP3s include: individuals under the influence of medication or drugs. These MP3s not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they be legal or illegal. Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of these MP3s, as they are more susceptible to seizures. Finally, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE AUDIO MP3S WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.


01 OrgasmicHealingDeepRelax\

  • 3xOrgasmicDeepRelax.mp3
  • 1xOrgasmicDeepRelax.mp3

(Binaural for Deep Relax charged with Orgasmic Healing eXtreme Energy)

21 SubDelta_OrgasmicHealing&EjaculationMastery\

  • 1xSubDelta_OrgasmicHealing&EjaculationMastery.mp3

(Sub Delta binaural [not for sensitive]; use only in a safe environment; two eXtreme energies: Orgasmic Healing, Ejaclation Master)

51 OrgasmicHealingSAD_21min\

  • 5xOrgasmicMoodSupportSAD_21minBirds432Hz.mp3
  • 1xOrgasmicMoodSupportSAD_21minBirds432Hz.mp3
  • 10xOrgasmicMoodSupportSAD_21minBirds432Hz.mp3

(Binaural for mood support, charged with Orgasmic Healing eXtreme Energy; audio base frequency is 432Hz; nature sounds, birds)


  • 700xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 700xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 60xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 60xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 5xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 5xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 300xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 300xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 20xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 20xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 2000xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 2000xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 100xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 100xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3
  • 1000xOrgasmicHealingV2a_15Hz.mp3
  • 1000xOrgasmicHealingV2a_1,5Hz.mp3

(Orgasmic Healing made with Silent Bliss Engine with two different modulations: 1,5Hz and 15Hz).
(zip file with above files up to 2000x)
(Hypnosis made with Silent Bliss Hypnosis V1, listen only in a safe environment)

without Binaural\

47 OrgasmicHealingStopSmoking\

  • 5xOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 5xHecateOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 3xOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 3xHecateOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 2xHecateOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 1xOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 1xHecateOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3
  • 10xOrgasmicHealingStopSmoking.mp3

(eXtreme Energies: Orgasmic Healing, Quit Smoking and Hecate [Hecate, gives better control of energies around user, in that case sexual energies])

CES DisgestiveandOrgasmicHealing\

  • 5xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3
  • 3xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3
  • 20xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3
  • 15xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3
  • 12xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3
  • 10xDisgestiveandOrgasmicHealingCES.mp3

(made with Silent Bliss Engine CES (cranial electron stimulation, a modification) upon two eXtreme Energies: Healing Digestive System and Orgasmic Healing).


  • Silent 4D – Yahweh Orgasmic Healing.mp3
    (Silent 4D Image MP3 made upon Orgasmic Healing eXtreme Energy).
  • EndlessOrgasmicHealing.mp3
    (Silent Bliss Engine empowered by Endless Raise Device)
  • OrgasmicHealing.mp3
    (the one made with Bliss Engine v.6 and chi suggestions; see description on the top of the page; do not use too much, it’s powerful)

To make it works – listen to it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1–2 hours per day regularly.
Each file is at the same time:
  • MP3 for listening via (headphones, earphones) speakers are most recommended (it contains guided visualization; therefore most optimally is using it before sleep and after wake up).
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use on any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).
The desired period of using is at least 14–30 days.
Please consider using it wisely and only on your responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lot of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy. 

Read our Listening Agreement before using these files, and optionally check our FAQ articles.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

After purchase, you can find download links within the PDF files.





Be aware – there is strong Copyright Energy encoded into each Mp3  – after you order any of these Audio Talismans – only your blood-relatives can use these AT2 legally. To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who own it on a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover,  the preprogramming applied by proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.