Hey Guys,

shortly the Virtual-Psionis3000vx can be printed on any your T-Shirt or Panty,

it will make the total revolution in your wardrobe, you will tend to wear like the top-model,

and people will look at you like on kind of Demi God.

That’s not all you will gain by printing it amazing subtle power

to enhance any of your activity. Shine like the rock start,

and have absolutelly unique T-Shirts, no one. It can lead to anything from getting laid

or gaining treatment like President. The getting laid is possible,

its all depends from your personal individual situation and your unique life.

However imagine having HM, Zara or C&A T-shirt with your 5cal/5cal printed VirtualPsionis3000VX image,

just no one – only you – once T-Shirt will become old,

just burn it and print on the new one.

After sometime you will see you have great impression and influence on what is “on top”

regarding fashion in your city.

Using printed T-shirts (and panty at the same time) at gym gives you great power

anywhere just last-longing.

I seen like women looked at me with lust and desire. Seems like I have power T-shirt and power Panty

and it make women just get out from thier way and look at me furtively, biting lip,

in next moment I feel naturally power up, feel like the actor in my great movie.

In the meantime I seen people both women and men, but mostly women dressed in similar

T-shirts I was wear in last weekes, months, but they looked out-of-fashion, and seems like my presence make them shy,

right now I see my new fashion-creation is on top.

Seems like people do at lot as it goes with fashion.

The shopping center has them both, H&M and C&A, EU popular shops with clothes.

At the first time I bought T-Shirt is H&M and then next one this time with panty at C&A,

their collection was large ANYWAY – I was today for printing the 5th Generation of my T-Shirt,

and 4th Generation of my Panty, a bit ealier bought new clothes in H&M and their T-Shirts/and Panty assortment gets varied fancifully,

seems like my unique clothes making REVOLUTION and non of these all people in my city can’t figure out WHY.

Effects are different and I even don’t know them all.

For sure printing VirtualPsionis3000VX on the clothes make particular T-Shirt or Panty worth $600

not the $12 like in shop. Printing on more expensive T-Shirt like for example $39

as the effect gives possiblity to own $1600 T-Shirt and people going crazy.  They Show respect, and there is no way to act differently.