I must clairfy, VirtualGodCaster (VGC) is too much strong for printing it on T-Shirt, its could cause very fast chi-overload and therefore chi sickness.

Printing on T-Shirt can be only the Psionis3000VX, the device which is about 15x less powerful then VGC.

Psionis3000VX is not much intuitive and automatic as VGC, with Psionis3000VX while setting trend you have to repeat 4 easy steps with short visualization

of your desired trend output.

While with setting the trend with VGC its all automated, you just place your photo and place up to 20 symbols, by touching each of them and saying “It’s done”.

Anyway VGC is not design for printing on T-Shirt’s at all. Only Psionis3000VX can be printed on T-Shirt’s.

You can also print Psionis3000VX on your panties. Just remember that each additional copy divide the energy.

So for example if you feel that your two copies, for example Psionis3000VX printed on your panties and your T-Shirt,

giving you too much power, you can use your ink to print for example 4 more copies on simple A4 paper pages,

and leave them somewhere in your room, by doing this, you have at total 6 copies: your panties, your T-shirt and 4 printed copies on 4 paper pages,

in this way, you have 33% of full power (100%) of your Psionis3000VX, each copy has 16% (100 / 6 = 16), if you wear your printed panties and t-Shirt you have = 33% (1/3) of full power.

In time you feel without energy or tired you may burn-out in fireplace these 4 paper copies,

and automatically having 100% of VirtualPsionis3000VX – because after burn-out you got only 2 copies, one on your panties, and second on your T-shirt.

In a time when your t-shirt and panties get worn, you just burn them out in fireplace, and print new ones in your local print house.

The best material for printing is nylon-spanedx, however its high-tech printing, most of print-houses can print only on cotton,

and yes, you can print it on cotton, the effect will be 95-99% the same as on nylon-spandex.

By printing the Psionis3000VX on your T-shirt or panties you’ll transform into GodLike Powerful Version of you.