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SMF’s Thor Armour Sigil (Protection)

advanced psionics sigil for extreme protection

Here is another exciting new spell-sigil from SMF: THOR Armour
We all have heard of Mighty Thor and his hammer.
Use of the Thor sigil gives the user extreme sheilding and protection from both the seen and unseen problems in your life.
Conceptually this intelligent energy spell is akin to putting on the armor of Thor who in legend is a God of War. Thor will give the user this extreme sheilding, and protection in all areas of your life.
Those who are savy and know about other spells listed online could compare this to a super blend of Armada and Shielding.
THOR Gives life hell for agressors!
  • Repulse/Repel Negativity and lower negative forms of energy
  • Remove hexes, negative spells
  • Physical, Spritual and Psi + Soul Protection
  • Feeling of being safe and protected
  • Armada of Servitors to make really hard life to all your enemies
  • It works automatically, just keep it near you, your body

Yes, this sigil has killer shield – that repels all negative stuff, hexes, and gives you full protection. Can be useful in variety of situations.

  • Complex shielding and protection
  • Repel hexes, negative spells, attacks (all kinds) back to sender
  • Full bulb of white light protection
  • Remove negative energies regarding Spiritual, Psychical, Psi and Soul fields
  • Even remove negative thinking by erasing low vibrational energies
  • Avoid enemies, grand protected and safe synchronizations
  • Killer shiled that works almost immediatelly (send the attack back to sender/s)
  • Total Protection against psychic vampires

Possible physical effets:

  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • Overall improvement of physcial condition
  • Better psychic health
  • More clear thinking

The SMF-Thor-Armour can be place at any part of your body where you feel or assume discomfort.

There are 12 Servitors that activelly repel and providing full shielding and 8 Servitors that removing negative energies, low vibrational energies. Additionally 2 Servitors take care of your current problems and research possible ways of resolve them.

This is most advanced spell-sigil and based of very last discovery from scientific view of modern magic. Psionics SMF Thor Armour Sigil is programmed with three different forms of magic and eternally charged which guarantee very high efficiency and lifetime full protection on all levels. It is also personalized – your real name and your photo is required. Time of creation is up to 7 days (Usually 5-6 days).

It can be also useful as “Safe Journey” talisman and as well giving you protection against any potential enemies in dangerous areas like unfamous city’s districts, etc etc, For sure to avoid negative consequences, taking it for a trip or round at clubs and bars will be quite good idea.

By using it at regular basis – the all features of this sigil becomes part of you, like your favourite shoes – and all negative thinking can be fully erased – giving you amazing sense of freedom, parts of bravery behaviors and self-confidence. The feeling of peace will be as natural as breathing. And it is really not exaggerated – these are effects of using this sigil for a relativelly longer period of time.

It can be used during sleep. However sleep is sleep and it known as natural healer. So because of health it is not recommend to sleep with this sigil. If you print more copies, each copy divide the power of this spell, and sleeping for example with 1/4 power (one sigil with you and three for example at your desk) can give the desired effect. Anyway it is quite enough to using it during the day (1 sigil) and not dividing it’s power. Divide it only in case if the power output is too strong for you.

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