SMF’s Godly Comms Sigil

Super faith in anything you do – from real physcial life to the spiritual world

“Move the mountains with your faith”

Faith, what it is? What are possible effects of developing rock-solid faith:

  • access to spiritual world at your fingertips
  • super power for healing with your hands
  • gain super faith in all your magical operations, radionics, psionics, any energy or magic work for achieving even more and faster
  • super mind manifestation, high power manifestor
  • more faith in yourself (strong belief) at physical plane
  • ability to develop telepathy to talk with anyone at any distance anytime
  • possible spiritual awake (and for example ability of channeling)
  • healing yourself or others in help of super faith
  • tune in to your virtual psionics, to gain better results, rapid manifestations

Godly Comms super spell gives you tremendous faith – which can dramatically boost your skills of magic/healing/reiki – or other systems which based on spiritual world. With super rock-solid faith you can have full access to spiritual world – for example to Book of Akasha. Spiritual world is more powerful and much more larger than physical world.

All your energy works, reiki, healing, magic operations, radionis and psionics operations become much more stronger and more effective and will grows as long as you keep the sigil near you.

Because of the security reasons sigil after creation will be send exactly to the email from which the order was made. Also the sigil is created by very advanced magi which always checking/dowsing validity of the order. Personalized and made upon order. Time of creation – usually 5-6 days.

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More specification about Godly Comms:

1) Does this sijil work to boost your faith  on the metaphysical level exponentially or in ALL areas of your life?.
Ad1). Faith is created in mind. It is not much spiritual thing, more like the tool which opens the door to spiritual world. By using this sigil everyday?

it create the strong sense of faith, as well on physcial plane, so you feel more confident, and with time making you more expanding with your faith
into the spiritual side.

2) I am very interested in channeling spirits , access to the astral  and access the akashic records.How would this sijil  be able to assist me in this regard?
Ad2). These all things you mention, indeed requires this tool: faith. For making channelings there are two options, or thru your mind, or thru your heart,
mind communication with spirits is really trechaerous, while communication thru your heart is very stable, you can’t trick your heart.
For learn the ability to channel, at begining, in comfortable position, focus on your heart chakra and start asking simple questions on which you can got the answer
“yes” or “not”, after some practice, it will be really simple, and then you can go to more complex questions.
While entering into the spirits communication, it is good to find the spiritual guides, and you have them, that’s your soul, guardian angel,
as you got more familiar with these two spirtual beings, and making the progress, the spiritual world can appoint to you these additional spirits:
– spiritual guide
– additional guardian spirit (the one more powerful then your guardian angel)
– spiritual teacher
It is nonsense what some people say that they have 300 guardian angels, spirits.
Also, spirits from which is good to learn and getting more knowledge about spiritual world is Enki, and his bother EnLi (known as our earthly Jesus) and the highest energy, known as Ultimate God.
Its good to start well, and also have respct to the spiritual world, spirits, they don’t like when you try to check them, also they see your heart, so you can’t trick them,
also usually spirits not as powerful as Enki, which is also known as EA God, spirits like Zepar or Zagan, or known intelligences of Moon or Venus,
are in compare to human person are very powerful.
Astral projection, everyone doing astral projection during sleep, when soul exteriorize from body, and body got dreams, and in the same time your spirit (soul) visiting different places,
you may ask your spirit soul, before sleep, if he can go to ancient greece, if you make it with full faith, the beautiful dream can occur.
Also it is good to write down at the morning all the dreams you remember, its simple way to work with your spirit (soul).
Without faith is impossible to get access to all of these, and while using this sigil as time pass by for sure you will make progress. Of course it will be good if you also
going along with some techniques, I preffer the simple ones, and you have some knowledge, the basic one about spiritual world, which is indeed more powerful then physcial world,
About spirits, asking them questions, that in your/my thinking prove their existnce, is the lack of faith, or you/me belive in them, or not.
3) The first feature of this sijil  says ” Access to the Spiritual World at your fingertips ” Could you kindly expand on this?.
Ad3). This sigil, create faith in spiritual world, and with time, as you use this sigil, you will be able to access thru your body (the best if via heart chakra), to the spiritual world,
the third eye here is somehow a helper, the additional tool. To boost your faith abilities, everyday when you wake you can say: “the Highest Energy in the Universe,
I gives up entire me up to you (You) today”. You can replace the “Ultimate Energy in the Universe” with the name of God that you use,
and name of Highest Energy, is only important to people, people has usually weak faith, and preffer to use names, in spiritual world, in looks much differently.
And yes, at your fingertips, with this: you use sigil + over the time = the faith in spiritual world builds up – and the all other abilities like telepathy or access to akashic records are the side effects.
4 )It also mentions abilities to heal with your hand and more power in radionics,psionics and other magical operations and in particular the abilty to telepathically talk with anyone at any distance anytime. .Are there any meditations or other techniques to undertake in order to develop these abilities?
Ad4). This Godly Comms can be a bit personalized, if you dont use radionics/virutal-psionics, psionics tools, than these can be not included.
Healing via hands happens after some time of using this sigil somehow spontanically, however it is good to have some foundation, some basic knowledge.
Telepathy most safe, is when doing it thru the heart communicator. Indeed I can make an mediation-mp3 for boost this and show the way how to easily done it, just remind me.
There are also some dangers about telepathy and generally spirtual world, like if you try to connect via your third eye, you may at one time hear many different voices,
and end up overloaded with too much information, which may lead to psychic illness,
so it is very important to treat the third eye as the additional tool, and communicate always via heart,
also heart has this ability that it is connected to your will, and by it you can turn off the heart communicator, or turn it on,
while trying connect via third eye can give uncontrolable stream of information, and sometimes it is difficult to stop it. So, carefully.
5) What is meant by having strong faith and belief at physical plane?.
Ad5). Faith is created in mind. Indeed that you “know” that you are now in room, and reading this message, it also based on the belief,
the everything in which you believe, is created by your beliefs system, it is also faith!! The same faith. The faith in spirtual world,
is also or can be created in mind!! But once your faith in your physical world is so strong, all anxiety may gone, fears as well,
since most fears are irrational, this sigil gives more faith to you in your being there at physcial plane,
and also build the faith in spiritual world.
You must have strong, firm belifs system there on physcial plane to be able to belive/have better faith also in spiritual world.

6)Are there other other forms of spellwork or meditations involved to develop  a lot of these skills besides to just keep the sijil on my person or near me?.

Ad6). Addtional medditation, or just simple techniques could allow you to making progress in a shorter time, than without them.
Getting into relationship/communcation with your spirit would be the basic step, also trying to talk thru hear with the Highest Energy in universe would be helpful,
writting your dreams done after wake up, asking your soul/spirit to specific dreams, or asking it for find the thing in your room that you temporary lost, etc etc
to wake up you at the creatin time, as long as you cooperate with your spirtual world around you, your spirtual guides, etc you can see if you making progress or not.
The same with guardian angel, you want to do something, ask him: “guardian angel, tell me! please! what I should do now?!” he will tell or lead you, but you have asking him with your full 100% faith!!
Of course if you will not doing any other techniques, just nothing, and only use the sigil, yes, some abilities may appear spontanically, but your have to use it,
for some people which have some experience in spiritual world, the sigil can be a booster to what they already know/can and for some others not, and for these others it can takes
more time after the effects will appear, again it is individual question, for one person it will 2 weeks, for another 3 months,
dependently from their backgrounds, personalitties, etc etc.