SMF’s The Gambler Xtreme Sigil

The Gambler Xtreme is a variant of the regular luck spell using several ascension chambers. Increases not just ambition and the ability to sense the movies of others, but gives a measure of influence to destabilize the gambling ability of opponents

Regardless of what type of game you play – online or in local bar—no one will be able to win with you – all winning chances are at your end. And as time passes by, and you use this sigil your abilities become more and more powerful. Your influence levels will so strong – and your opponents at subconscious level will be confused and will make wrong decisions – and at the same time your gaming confidence will be constantly improving – in variety of games. You could even decide to try new games which will give you more satisfaction, and it is quite possible that you will build firm financial backing.
With SMF’s Super Spells, everything is possible. A special blend of supernatural powers + energy + time = BAM! The desired effect has been manifested. The high efficiency of SMF’s super spells and their extreme success ratio are the latest achievements of modern magic.
You can even become famous. Glory, honors and recognition. The best player – and your opponents will never shape out why they can’t win with you. Of course, at the beginning, you can encounter that not always you win – but with time, as the super spell becomes one with you – like your favorite shoes – the success is not implied but guaranteed.
The laminated sigil is not the forbidden thing. Anyone is entitled to use this supernatural doping. Which, so far with current scientific paradigm which not allows/consider subtle energies as the real thing—so we can soak up from these forms to boost our abilities in various games.
Because of the security reasons, sigil after creation will be sent exactly to the email from which the order was made. Also, the sigil is created by very advanced magi which always checking/dowsing validity of the order. Personalized and made upon order. Time of creation – usually 9–14 days.

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The Xsigil sends tactile sensations (whether skin prickling, lights, or even whispers) when the time is right to make a bet. The spirits wait until he has the right hand or a good odd. That is the only time he should execute. If he’s gambling but not heeding these sensations, he will lose

While the Gambler Xsigil attempts to flip odds to his favor.. for instance by letting his opponents lose focus, he needs to listen to the messages

The easiest analogy I can provide for his case is: his mind may be resisting or too unattuned with his energy fields, his desires or his tools.
You see, giving someone a Ferrari or Lamborghini won’t give him the power to beat other racers if he simply cannot control the machine. An inexperienced driver in a Maserati will be beaten by Schumacker in a Volkswagen. 
Only he can find out what holds him back
We had a forum member a long time ago who made a lot of miracles with a RADX. That fella was Elroy, also one of the founding members of the MindList
Another forum member had a Welz Astrotrend that cost 16k USD but he kept failing because he couldn’t center himself or let go of limiting beliefs

Gambler XSigil Tips

Can you answer these (?):
1. Did you play only with people or with bots, PCs, Ai, etc.?
2. Isn’t there 3 hours too long for you? Don’t get tired and nervous by such time?
3. Is that going with small amounts; and when it came in to larger sums – do you experience nervous?

If you play games of chances, or even trade at forex/crypto – you have to keep the golden rule of investing of your money;
which is: do not invest (do not play) with larger amount that your 1/3 of your net income for certain month.
Secondly, take it is all calm mind, when you are nervous, or you are playing with your 3/3 (100%) of your income,
it’s too high risk, too high pressure, and most people lose their minds and money.
For those who want to play in a very calm way, 1/5 of monthly net income or even 1/9 will also be okay; that way you play 
and there is no big risk of loosing a significant amount of money.
Furthermore, try to play in strategy in your mind, methodically. 

Do breaks if you become too nervous: 15 mins and stop. When you make profit you are happy, but the tension related to possible win/lose increases, and if you play many times in a row, that tension in your mind accumulates. And it may make your body feel stressed out, not saying that too much tension supports irrational thinking and decisions.

It could be a method, that you meditate, calming yourself 15 minutes before play, affirm and using XSigil, and then play for 15 mins, you win and stop. Break.
Furthermore, when tension and excitement builds up in your body; your body could act or lead you to stop the game and rest, while your mind and ambitions are focused
on continuous play and usually, you are ignoring subtle signals from your body; which in effect generate conflict: 1. You want to play over and over again. 2. Your body would like to rest.
That conflict can disturb chances of winning. See at those who are addicted to casinos, see how they look, many pics of them on the net; they usually aren’t concerned about their bodies; like they’re forgetting that their body is the most expensive thing in their entire life 😉
What I can recommend you to win more is to (relax yourself) for example: go to local Yoga class, especially takes Yoga called as Yin Yoga, it will relax your body, mind, and which relax will be very helpful during your plays.

ANSWER: it is easy, when you get gambling confidence; even guys which stand behind forex market or casino—gets their mind/reality changed. It is based on the theory that even though each of us has our own unique mind – we are all connected. So once you get more confident – and when using this sigil your gambling mind-set becomes superior—it will influence indirectly at subconscious level—or unconscious level on all people around you.

While having the right mind-set for successful gambling, nothing can’t resist.

Yes, you have to carry the sigil as often as possible. The time of success with it depends strictly on your personal background. Some positive opportunities and synchronizations can be seen within 1–7 days – it’s like you’re meeting a new person and spending time with her/him. After some time, your behaviors/thinking gets changed—the same with gambling sigil (any sigil) – it contains servitors (invisible intelligent energy forms) which follow you to change your mind/thinking/your-personal-energy, etc. How much time. You can say, “it’s the question of time, but I know I will have it!!” — this is the power within XSigils – just carry it and it will be. XSigils are marked as giving 100% success ratio – and the Time here is crucial. For sure, after 1 month you will experience the moment “ah-a”. You can right now write down your thoughts about gambling, the ones you truly believe – and after 1 month repeat it – the difference will be (of course, make it absolutely honest to yourself).

Carry the sigil during the day. Take care to not lose it. If you print the next copy, the power is divided 50%/50%. Better to keep it in 1 copy.

Yes, XSigils are way more powerful, or at least way more effective, based on advanced three forms of magic. Works lifetimes. Some psychologists say that the mind gets changed after 30–40 days, and some others say it’s 3 months.

For example, it is said when you go on vacation, it is required you are there at least 3 weeks. In the 1st week while being away from home, your mind is still at home; in the 2nd week your mind is 50%/50% at home and in new place, in 3rd week your mind is where you are on vacation, for making yourself fully rest, it’s recommended to stay at vacations through 4th week. I think the same as it goes about being with a new person or carrying the sigil.

And imagine what would happen if you could stay on vacations through half of the year? When you’re back home, how would your life look?

It’s all white magic thanks to psionic (chi energy).

 No black magic at SMF. Oh, in very rare difficult cases—where there is no other chance to make the things as they should be.

Current, the team and I are aware that back magic is nothing good, and what you give, you will receive, if not now, then after death.