Better Life Vol.1

Silent Bliss Engine enhanced with HealthEngineV1

This mp3 is for change rutine and for getting better control of own life. The energies used in this mp3 indicate for what it is. If you feel after couple listening to it – like out of your normal thinking processes – it’s good sign to continue listening.

It is for listening via headphones – however you can as well to use it as Audio Talisman (60-70% efficiency of SAT, AT2, AT3).

The 10 energies inside:

  1. Break Time Line and Get Conrol over Space (Time-Space Relation)

    The idea of this energy is to:

    – remove from user mind bad time-space synchronizations

    – bad time lines

    – get control over the time and space

    – grand snychronization (with Enki blessing, it would be safe to have be guided by him, or if Enki is busy, then by another Archangels)

    – make more in less time

    – time (exists in mind, it’s sense of time)

    – also adapt to 4th Dimension understanding of time

    – it have the second layer for being guided by higher-self (which is guardian angel)

    Generally I think when someone could get control over time and space (of course in near distance, where his body is) he would achieve some great stuff, don’t know how to describe it, for sure it would make life more easy. So for example it would get sort things out, giving better understanding of own body, mind, etc etc.

  2. Laser Focus on Most important ones life’s prioritaries channeled from user’s Higher Self (Guardian Angel) and Heart, soul – usually these are: self-care, self-improvement, self-development, health, work-money, other important goals. Anti-distraction. Anti-fixation. Anti-focus-on-irrational-obsessions.

  3. Yahwe Deep Ultimate Protection

    Yahwe is most powerful Being (Highest Energy) in entire Universe, and these Energies are changed their energy output dynamically exactly as Yahwe wants, also main assumption of them is: “I completly put my self in your hands: Yahwe as long as I want it and as long as I like it” (so there is no break of free-will or so), so I trust God and know he want the best for me and all people. While being satisfy in life – like for many people seems to be seen as in black/white, “I will be satisy and you don’t, I will be high and you dont” and so on mentality of dualism, as Yahwe is infinite Justice the idea is to help him and US to creating better world, so the output is DYNAMIC and most unexpected, by breaking all rules of dualism, and conventional thinking (all of Yahwe sigils have build-in 10% of telepathic heart connection to Him for a better guidaince in our life).

  4. Self-control, self-discipline, self-sexual-discipline. Be a best conducted in orchestra which is the own body.

  5. Remove/Destroy guilt and shame. feeling of guilty and fear. Archaic, religional guilt, primal guilt, feeling of guilty, guilt as our imperfection, something on which world’s religions builing power-control over people, one of the most powerful emotion in human (guilt), seems like we born with it, or it’s deeply encoded into our “modern” societies.

  6. No fear with women – release all fears, anxieties, wrong beliefs, energies, attachments, related to women – for being very confident around them, remove guilt related to women in men. Remove guilt, feeling of guilty and fear regarding women. Healing mind-set about women,seduction and sex. Being confident no matter what.
    It’s mostly about removing sexual guilt.

  7. Control own emotions, overcome panic, standing strongly on the ground, overcome neediness..

  8. Remove limiting negative mind beliefs that making someone smoking cigarettes, remove negative mind beliefs about unhealthy behaviours, deeply remove beliefs that makes someone smoking cigarettes. This one is a bit different that previous one for quit smoking, and it to cut the roots of why person some, which I think would be helpful as well. But as I see, this could be somehow remove these negative beliefs which makes someone smoking from mind and his body (consciousness).

  9. Destroy these: Complaining, nagging, non-sense talk (related to: spleen) also destroy worrying.

  10. Remove any emotional, deep trauma – removing it from mind and from consciousness (body) (these are for example internal organs, muscles, skin, etc etc).

There are three mp3 inside: 9x, 24x and 81x enhanced with HealthEngineV1. It is consider as “Heavy Mp3”. Listen in loop mode.

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Be aware – there is strong Copyright Energy encoded into each Mp3  – after you order any of these Mp3s  – only you7 and your blood-relatives can use these AT2 legally. To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who own it on a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover,  the preprogramming applied proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.