freeware mp3s for you. It is made upon Jospeh Plazo’s Deep Mind Ultra 2 and contains brainwaves (if you can’t listen brainwaves from medical reasons [i.e. epilepsy, peacemaker, others health issues] – please don’t use it).

Unconditional Love And Extreme Wealth Deep Mind Ultra 2 Mp3s

1 Audio Spell:

Tribute to Enki (EA). Unconditional love.
Enki love and loved people when firstly arrived to Earth. Do not making and distinctions between people. In love for people do not have any borders, in race or society. At the same he shows respect to people. With this goes love that do not knows any time or space.
For love there is needed sincerity, one must be honest. One can’t love for usefullness, for usefullness one can loves horse or cow. In people’s DNA there is encoded love and longing, for this what is in Heaven, for what people was left there.
Love people as you would like to beloved. When you do like that, then you show this Energy of Love. People of all races, origins, old and young. must love each other. This is Law of Cosmos.
When these conditions will be achieved (by poeple) can say – it will be peace on earth. There will be no war, no killing, and all these bad things as people do. People must be equal to each other, and accept other Beings (ie orion civilization, sirius, and many other) that live in Cosmos. Accept the Plan of Gods in regards to the planet Earth, believe in that everyone have this element of Gods. When these conditions will be achieved – can be said that: on Earth will happen change. This energy has Enki blessing.
To making it more attractive it is charged with extreme money attracting energies Smile

It is for listening via headphones. Can be used as Audio Talisman – however file is large – so quite a lot space on your drive is required.


Download: UnconditionalLoveAndExtremeWealth.zip

These versions are in ZIP file (use for example 7zip freeware to get access to the files):

1x, 3x, 6x, 12x and 18x.

And bonus mp3 (for headphones or as Audio Talismans):
Bonus Mp3: TributeToEnKiEAUnconditionalLoveExtremeWealth_9x.mp3

At begining please start with 1x or 3x – and when your will be more familiar with this power you can go to 6x and then 12x or even 18x.

Use them all on your own responsibility.


This video has Bonus Mp3: “TributeToEnKiEAUnconditionalLoveExtremeWealth_9x.mp3“,

the version with Deep Mind Ultra 2 is here: Download: UnconditionalLoveAndExtremeWealth.zip

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