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Angelic Hand of God XSigil Autospell

Assigned a unique High Angel – for physical prowess and material endeavor. This XSigil is for physical achievements. This is the closest we get to having a Genie in the Bottle.

Assigned a unique High Angel – for physical prowess and material endeavor.

This is one of our most involved involving the assignment of a lesser Archangel channeled and summoned on your behalf.

When the sigil is turned over, so will a ritual to invoke the deity. The deity can be invoked unlimited times to bring the desire.

This XSigil is for physical achievements. This is the closest we get to having a Genie in the Bottle.

This XSigil is so powerful and it really is like to having a Genie in the Bottle. For use and activated you have to invoke the deity and it is very easy to do as long as you know how to do it – that’s after creation of this Autospell for you – you will receive simple invocation.

There is no limitations as it goes with how often you can use it. After simple ritual you have to state the physical wish related to a material endeavor that needs to be accomplished. Yours wish must not be selfish.

What you can achieve with this XSigil:

  • Improve your physical condition
  • Overcome your hesitation
  • Gain superior exercises mindset
  • Unlimited levels of motivation
  • Accomplish your all physical and material goals effortlessly
  • Get enough strength to keep the healthy diet
  • Take care of your physical health
  • Any possible desire regarding physicality
  • Change your functionality in your daily life

Usage: Near you is best- or around your living spaces. Yours presence activates the energies and its influence flows to you.

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Because of the security reasons sigil after creation will be send exactly to the email from which the order was made. Also the sigil is created by very advanced magi which always checking/dowsing validity of the order. Personalized and made upon order. Time of creation – usually 5-6 days.

Additional Notes:

The Angelic Hand of God is kind of genie in the bottle, everyone of us has wishes, and would like them to be done.
The scheme of using it, is not too much complicated, once you have wish in your mind,
you have to activate the Archangels’s field of energy by the ritual simple invoking of the Names,
and when it’s activated – you are speaking your wish to this field of energy for completion.
The wishes can’t be selfish – but are about physical realms of reality, that for example if you want a new car or generally live in abundance,
you or user of this XSigil don’t asking “give me more abundance” but it’s better to ask “remove my self-limiting beliefs so I can live better”,
maybe it’s not the best example, but it is also about health, everything related to physical wishes, all wishes are applicable as long as they are not selfish.
The activating ritual maybe sound as something difficult to accomplish, but its not. After making it few times, its seems to be even too much easy,
Each XSigil is made upon client’s picture, and its linked to your energy field, or in another words, its connected to your energy, your mind, thoughts,
and even each person feel differently the moment when the connection with Archangelic field during this ritual is establish,
it will be something that will be able to sense or by the change of mood, that for example you are feel that there is strong field of energy near you,
or by change of amplitude of mind, for example feeling similar to mental high and bliss,
since each XSigl is personalized to the one particular user – the the way of sensing when appear this Archangelic energy field is also individual.
I seen that most women that I know sense a smell of beautiful flowers when Angelic or Archangelic fields of energy are around them,
different senses are used, each person can sense it, after few ritual is seems usually very simply to do.
The name of field or rather the words that must be spoken are: BRAMUSTRAMUJIEL it’s again individual,
there are two options:
1). Firstly you can just say: “BRAMUSTRAMUJIEL please appear / came to me / be there”
2). Or secondly you have chant the name of this Archangels field by repeating this name: BRAMUSTRAMUJIEL until you will sense the appearance of.
Both ways are ok.
This field of energy is Angels sphere and touching the Archangel’s spheres too. (according to my knowledge it 4-5 or up to 5,5 almost 6) sphere of the Heaven, perfect beings)

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