Total Balance and Health

made with Silent Bliss Engine

It include these six audio spells:

1). Immortality – this one works in sync with target’s soul, for make life longer maximally, and anti-aging and for perfect health. Immortality with Anti Aging and Perfect Health (safe if used). This Spell is for reverse aging processes, anti-aging, regeneration, (indeed many people dream of immortality), perfect health (all meanings, like physical, spiritual, psychical, energetic, astral etc etc – just perfect health), with this that Target it will intuitivelly find the right diet, food, exercies, activities that will bring her/him desired output in form of anti aging, perfect health, and parts of dreamed immortality. It is infused with healing energy; so the cells, and body will be repaired itself.

2). Chakra Balancing – balancing all charkas, energies within the body, meridians, female and male energies. Balance Chakras & Body Energies – Total Harmony & Balance. That’s all about stuff related to subtle energies, chakras, meridians, aura, etc, female, male energy fields, release energy blockages, etc, something that lays as foundation to good health and overall feeling & functioning good. 

3). Grounding, Release Energetic Tension – actually it does not add too much energy to the target but just making the target grounded. Especially helpful in chi-sickness, chi-overload, for people that works a lots with different energies. Also with this that target will build mind-set to not overload himself with too much power, and also will be able to accumulate more power and energy then he can be able right now, at this moment. Idea is to release unneceasry energies to earth, etc. Target can develop way to do it. It is mixed with general health mind-set and energy accumulation too. Also to release tensions and creating balance.

4). The return of the lost parts of the Soul, the integration of the subpersonalities. Return of strength, energy and information from non-physical intermediaries. Support for grounding all 24 hours a day. Removal of other people’s negative energies/emotions/information stored in body, parts of subtle bodies, chakras, energy and the return of one’s own information and energy.

5). Total Balance: (Restoration of all large and small chakras; Transcoding and transformation of DNA; Restoration of speed and direction of rotation of merkaba; Harmonization of all energies of elements: fire, water, earth, and air).

6). Yahwe Ultimate Health (this one is to tap healing power of Yahwe, the one which also can goes thru hands, as pro-healers do).

This MP3 is made with Silent Bliss Engine – not too much audio spells guarantees that this MP3 is more focused on this energies. If you seeking for health, balance and grounding of unnecessary energies, emotions and thoughts – it would be good choice for you.
It is understandable that when we are healthy – we tend to searching tools for making us rich or getting amazing attraction. However without health, or good health we can’t using these tools. It is mostly this point that when searching these other things we forget about our health. It seems to be the side effect of our modern life. Very often when a person encounter health problems – start to think very seriously about own health. Unfortunately when this person get back to average or good health – this person again start to forget about health.
There was an poet that once said: “Oh my, Health, how much are you worth? Only this one will know who lost you”.

Here is sample: $9

Total Balance and Health Full version (3 files)

  • 27x
  • 81x
  • 127x enhanced with Health Engine V1

Basically better start with 27x and if this is not too much powerful that you can go to next more powerful ones.

If you feel too much out of the box with the more powerful ones, better to stay at 27x.

Do not use during activities that require your full attention.

If you listen via headphones it would be recommend to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery during this time.

If you use SAT or Silent Bliss Engine as audio talismans it is not required – so you can use it almost in any case – only if you use over then 500-2000 copies – it would influence your focus – so it would be more safe to firstly check how you feel then see if you can drive or doing another activity that require full attention.

Yes, it can be listen via headphones and it is design for listen via headphones mostly.

However you can use it as audio talisman as well (by making multiple copies on your drive, memory card)


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Copyright Protection
All Bliss Engine Mp3s have built-in radionic and audio spell copyright protection. It is an integrated part of Bliss Engine Mp3s – the special Audio Spell has been created with Hermetic, Chaos, Santeria and Wiccan magic.
Only your blood-relatives may use mp3s you have order – any type of illegal sharing may induce negative karmic consequences – and I do not take ANY responsibility for ANY of the possible negative life-events. Copyright protection Audio Spell works in both ways – the person which shared files illegally and person which uses the files illegally will encounter bad luck or unexpected negative life events.
This Copyright powerful Spell is made with the highest precision and with high magic techniques – any person who use these files legaly (that’s order them) may listen to them safely.
I don’t need to explain that creation of the Bliss Engine technique was very expensive and time consuming – so there should be high respect for it – that is self-evident. Most of SMF mp3s have afforable prices and believe me that many people who are “insiders” and know how these Bliss Engine Mp3s are created – all of them think that SMF prices should be higher.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who owns it in a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.