Handsome Man Creator v.2

The new version of Handsome Man Creator is made – exactly according to your suggestions about affirmations and additional audio spells.
previous Handsome Man Creator V1 and is packed with new tech, supercharged by Silent Bliss Knowledge (ebooks/aff into mp3) by 48x,  and there are also:

1). 30 mini-trance engines
2). Mp3 is made with focus module (to enhance the affirmations itself)
3). The 1st enhancement is with Silent Bliss Knowledge and improved by Bliss Engine Device v.6  (heavy hard hitting)
4). Final focused recording with chi energy is also made with Bliss Engine v.6. for somehow double the power.

Audio spells are as follow:

1). Legendary Attention – Ultimate Legendary Attention – next level game – with inner deep game. Ability to hide attention, manipulate own attention, attention/energy games (where attention goes there energy is going). Control own attention by will-power and elements of tai-chi/chi-kung. Can be useful for: seduction, making women approach the user, as well in direct or internet sales, dealing with people, martial arts, and many other application, chi kung, etc etc.
2). Seductive Smile – Called seductive smile. The purpose of the energy , to smile a lot and being very seductive. It would also indirectly works as digital anti depressant, to make someone more positive, witty, seductive, happy, etc etc. 
3). Mental Game – Yahweh Mental Game2 – this one is for control own thoughts, to control own mind. Ultra control of own mind and at the same using own mind with ease. Seeing wide spectrum of own thoughts/own life and control them by own will-power enhanced by Spiritual Guides such as Soul/Higher Self-GuardianAngel/Spirtual Guides, etc etc).
4). Cocky Satyr – Being cocky&funny, humorous, excellently witty, and wise. Resourceful. To women unpredictable therefore very intrigued. Having replay to everything in any discussion, mastery of conversation with both men as women.
5). 3rd Venus – This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.
6). 1st Mercury – Conveys personal magnetism upon the owner.
7). Mass Influence
8). Increased fat burning
9). Popularity
10). Overcome fatigue
11). Magnetic appeal
12). Charisma
13). Irresistible to others
14). Muscle strength
15, Penile enlargement

Within the audio track there are four frequencies of 4 first chakras:

1). 1st, Root Chakra
2). 2nd Chakra
3). 3rd Chakra
4). 4th, Heart Chakra

The affirmations are as follow:

-My face is masculine and rugged
-My facial features are fully masculine
-My nose is incredibly masculine and attractive
-I have ultimate masculinity
-I am extremely handsome
-I have a deep masculine and sexy voice
-I have the perfect weight for my height
-I have a large and masculine body build
– I am the most aesthetically attractive and handsome man in the whole universe.
– I have a perfectly formed aesthetic jaw, chin and cheekbones that give me great masculinity.
– It is natural for me to have a body and face of tremendous aesthetics.
– Every single part of my face and body is extremely visually appealing and this is due to my fabulous genetic make up.
– I am better looking and far more handsome than every male supermodel in the world.
– My face is scientifically the most beautiful and it perfectly fits the golden ratio.
– My skin is glowing, radiant, free of blemishes and wrinkles, smooth, soft, youthful and utterly flawless.
– I have the most piercing, attractive and sexy eyes that can draw absolutely any female in.
– Every part of my face is so perfectly well proportioned to give me the most visually attractive and aesthetic face of any man.
– My teeth are absolutely flawless, brilliant white and perfectly straight.
– My hair is extremely thick and my low hairline perfectly adds to my extreme sex appeal, irresistibility and handsomeness.
– My body is extremely lean and cut similar to that of a super fit athlete in the peak of his condition with superbly defined biceps, triceps, chest, back, leg and abdominal muscles. 
– I have the world’s most beautiful six pack.

Handsome Man Creator V2 generate Mid Attraction

Mp3 is build upon previous mp3 – so it keep all programming from, as well previous Trance Engines.

Listen in two ways:
1). Constantly until you will achieve fulfilment, desired mind and body state
2). At regular basis about 2 hours per day thru 14-30 days.

Handsome Man Creator V2

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Copyright Protection
All Bliss Engine Mp3s/Silent4D have built-in radionic and audio spell copyright protection. It is an integrated part of Bliss Engine Mp3s – the special Audio Spell has been created with Hermetic, Chaos, Santeria and Wiccan magic.
Only your family members may use mp3s you have order – any type of illegal sharing may induce negative karmic consequences – and I do not take ANY responsibility for ANY of the possible negative life-events. Copyright protection Audio Spell works in both ways – the person which shared files illegally and person which uses the files illegally will encounter bad luck or unexpected negative life events.
This Copyright powerful Spell is made with the highest precision and with high magic techniques – any person who use these files legaly (that’s order them) may listen to them safely.
I don’t need to explain that creation of the Bliss Engine technique was very expensive and time consuming – so there should be high respect for it – that is self-evident. Most of SMF mp3s have afforable prices and believe me that many people who are “insiders” and know how these Bliss Engine Mp3s are created – all of them think that SMF prices should be higher.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who owns it in a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by 
seductionmagicflow.com proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.