Virtual GirlFriend_vol.1_SAT (Silent Audio Talisman)
Virtual Sex with Target

This is virtual sex audio talisman with Yahweh’s energy called as “I need to get laid” and energy of “Yahweh love and happiness” together.

There are 4 energies / Audio Spells:

1). Female Egregore
2). Virtual Sex
3). Yahweh Love and Happiness
4). Yahweh I need to get laid

This is Silent Audio Talisman (SAT), design to used as the audio talisman.

Use it on your pen-drive, smartphone, any other drive, stick and during using it think about a woman that you like to have virtual sex

Virtual Sex Energy / Audio Spell: Virtual Sex – Think about girl you like (and have virtual sex with her) – it will works like that, that user will listen to this (or use it as SAT), and will think about woman he likes, and in that way he will somehow encounter real virtual sex with her, with all vivid images, motions, sounds via heart, feelings – optionally it can manifesting something in reality, but only if soul/guradian angel of target women want it. So there is no force on her decisions..

Some Tips about Astral Sex and Virtual Sex:

Pranayama can be helpful. In this case lay down, and take inhale for 4 sec, hold the air for 2 sec and then exhale for 4 sec. By repeating it – you will fill your micro-cosimc-orbit with energy.

The best sheme for psychic seduction is to relax, close eyes and imagine like you are in body of your Target, like inside her skin – 

while listening/using it as audio talisman it is good to like “hug her from the inside”.

As I know the too much intense sexual desires, feelings may turn-her-off – but if you took focus on 3rd chakra and 4th chakra – and your operation will be not stricte sexual- such action can be very effective.

Targeting girl with sexual energies can be done only about 4-6 days before next meeting and not always works.

The best way is to imagine like your body and her body is one, and seeing her like a red ball that travel from root chakra thru next chakras to the 3rd and 4th chakra – then trying to “hug” her thru these two chakras.

Optionally simple visualization of being with her / or doing something with her, like dance or petting help too, but these must be done without “sex-desire”.

Last way is to ask a girl telepathically for mastubration session and let her provide your hands/fingers, it’s if made well it can turn-her-on. The same here – it must be done before meeting with her at least 4-6 days.

During Virtual Sex or Astral Sex try to be without any negative feelings/thoughts/emotions. 

Indeed to making it excellently an increased mental / psychical energy will be helpful.

ZIP archive include five files; SAT (Silent Audio Talismans) in these “x” power versions:

20x, 50x, 75x, 125x and 175x.

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Copyright Protection
All Bliss Engine Mp3s/Silent4D have built-in radionic and audio spell copyright protection. It is an integrated part of Bliss Engine Mp3s – the special Audio Spell has been created with Hermetic, Chaos, Santeria and Wiccan magic.
Only your family members may use mp3s you have order – any type of illegal sharing may induce negative karmic consequences – and I do not take ANY responsibility for ANY of the possible negative life-events. Copyright protection Audio Spell works in both ways – the person which shared files illegally and person which uses the files illegally will encounter bad luck or unexpected negative life events.
This Copyright powerful Spell is made with the highest precision and with high magic techniques – any person who use these files legaly (that’s order them) may listen to them safely.
I don’t need to explain that creation of the Bliss Engine technique was very expensive and time consuming – so there should be high respect for it – that is self-evident. Most of SMF mp3s have afforable prices and believe me that many people who are “insiders” and know how these Bliss Engine Mp3s are created – all of them think that SMF prices should be higher.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who owns it in a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.