1000x SMF’s Mp3s and Audio Talismans Booster

The booster mp3s combo pack are design to maximally boost effectiveness of all SMF and HT4Y mp3s and audio talismans.

The idea is simple – for boost -listen the main version: “1000xSMF’sMp3sandAudioTalismansBooster.mp3” few times before listening to any mp3 or use audio talisman. This mp3 is made with Bliss Engine v.6 and is additionally enhanced with these 10 audio spells:

  • YHWH Manifestation

  • PSI Faith

  • Mental Game Squared

  • Enthusiasm

  • Change of Luck

  • Spiritual Strenght

  • Overcome Worry

  • Self-Confidence

  • Optimism and Success

  • Boost Psychic Skills

The audio talisman version: “1000xSMF’sMp3sandAudioTalismansBoosterAT2.mp3” can be used as well before as during listening to any SMF’s & HT4Y mp3s.

There is also third version of the booster made in help of Silent Bliss Hypnosis v.1 – but before you are listening to it, make sure (in folder: SilentBlissHypnosisV1_use_on_your_own_responsibility):

Agreement of use “the booster Mp3s combo pack”:

  • You are listening to it in safe environment

  • You have your eyes closed

  • You DON’T driving a car

  • You DON’T use any heavy machinery

  • You DON’T do any activity that requires your full attention

  • Good if you lay down on sofa/bed and you are in relaxed state.

  • And yes, you are using it own your own responsibility

Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.1 – is very effective and it put listener into lucid, hypnotic journey and is design to creating fast, positive long-term changes.

The Hypnosis v.1 version can be listen in loop about 20-30 minutes before listening to mp3s.

Everyday usage of Booster’s Mp3 Combo increase effectiveness of all SMF&HT4Y mp3s and guarantee the best possible results.

Side effects: Possibility of getting intermediate access to some of Audio Spells’s Energies like Self-Confidence or Overcome Worrying.

Download: 1000xSMF’sMp3sandAudioTalismansBooster.zip