Powerful Positive Protection AT2

Energies included: Reverse Evil, Protection for Physical Danger, Solve Problems, Positive Pragmatic Attitude, Escape Danger, Armada (10 powerful energy beings that will create wall of protection on all levels, cast out any demons, negative entities, even the low ones. Superb Protection, All areas, mental, spiritual, bulb of protection, present, past, future. Release negative beliefs. Clearning. Contains protective beings, that will give to the target person – especially feeling of calm, being/feeling safe, partly releasing/or help them releasing negative beliefs, feeling, thoughts, phobias, etc etc. Provide target full superb protection on all possible spheres like, mental, physical [avoid enemies in time and space], spiritual, bulb of white protective light, in present, future, past. Traget will be invisible to dark entities, enemies, like for example against remote viewing. It will keep safely against “choas energy” – which is the real thing, its the real energy field, that has been created by people epsecially in last maybe 15 or more years, – this Spell will keep target person safly from all such sources/fields of negative energies.), Detox (This one is healing one – Its for detox body from negative chemicals, with support of removing parasites, yeasts, bacteria. It partly works that way that target will find ways on your own of choosing right food, etc supplements, to get rid of these, even choosing these supplements that are not too expensive, there are losts of herbs for it, and are inexpensive. The detox additionally detox negative emotions, even those from early childhood, to feel relief. Plus with detox, tensions, from the enegetic point of view, of interal organs, which as I know also can be clean from the different energeticinfections), Super Manifestation Powers (This one is to add super manifestation powers of all positive hidden dreams, goals, desires, to move things ahead with addon of great synchronizations. To overwritten evil and bad synchronizations from past, generally for success and abundance, but it is applicable to other topics too. This spell will erase it fully (any bad synchronization, even like those related to “CM” and give real and ture great synchronizations), Entire Universe Ascension, 2nd Mars – (Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts). 3rd Moon – (Protects against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and every danger from water), 3rd Saturn – (Good for protection against any plots made by others & for defense against evil spirits), 4th Moon – (Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul), 5th Saturn – (Protects the home, and guards all treasures & possessions one may own), 6th Jupiter– (Protects form all earthly dangers), 6th Sun – (Provides invisibility to the possessor at request). (16 Audio Spells).
Notes: 25 suggestion recorded in white magic style for protection and defense. Include “Karate-Do Trance Engine”.

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