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Remote Charging of any physical Items

Literally: any item or object:

For charging we require:

  • Up to 2-3 pictures in high resolution of item

  • Your choice for what is has to be charged (Up to 10 energies or pictures, symbols)

  • It should be physical item, object

The item can be just any – it can be t-shirt or part of your clothes even your shoes. Here is list of example items that can be charged:

  • clothes

  • jewelery

  • gems, stones, minerals

  • food like supplements 

  • stuff like bike or other larger objects

  • environmental objects such as garden bower

  • weak plants

  • all other items, even like books, phones, earphones, electronics

We are not and can’t charge:

  • living animal

  • humans

  • items that for some reasons we can’t charge

The items or objects must be your own ones. Also we don’t use any negative energies for charging. Even on the all available energies are just few attack energies, we can’t use them for charging for some metaphysical and simply technical issues. All charged items can be charged only with positive energies like archangels, angels, most of symbols, over 300 energies to choose here and pictures, Egyptian symbols, even pictures, etc etc

All items are charged in help of Ennochian magic (based upon Archangels) and we guarantee lasting longer effects and safe energy lock – there is remote combat system that protects item against low vibrational energies. Item once charged can’t be re-charged – the charging is permanent and almost eternal. There is however possibility to overlay previous charging with new charging (new set of 10 energies).

Possible items can be for:

  • Boost attraction, self-confidence, seduction

  • Increase communication skills and charisma

  • Optimism and success, overcome worrying

  • Attract wealth opportunities and motivation

  • Domination, rabid-willpower, overcome hesitation

  • Archangel Zadkiel, Metatron, Uriel

  • and many many more according to our 108 SMF’s premium energies and other symbols such as King Solomon’s ones.

Here is small feedback and testimonial:

whatever trend you set on my blue and whiteshirt seems to work well still whenever I wear it women smile at me and tell me I look nice, wonder if you could do it to my hat

This is PSI charging. We are not charging on physical plane. PSI charging is the best for attraction and wealth, learning, psychic skills – for rapid healing it has 80% success ration especially that rapid healing occur on physical plane at most, however psi plane for healing energies is also applicable for example to boost mental attitude toward health, and manifest healthy and well-being reality.

For sure remotely charged gems and parts of jewelery are amazing alternative to magical gems that requires shipping. This way the item can be charged within 1-2 days and is ready to use.

We offer also bulk charging which is applicable to all items for example food supplements or many gems, stones at once with the same set of energies.

There four levels of power to choose:

  • Level 1 (for sensitive people)

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

  • Level 4 

Level 4 has maximum psi power.

We are not make difference in price between light power of Level 1 and maximal power of Level 4 because in each case it take the same amount of time and effort.

Please take care of making high quality pictures of your items because it will guarantee high accuracy and precision.

EDIT: Because of some upgrades we decided to charging your items remotely up to at least 20-30x. After payment please attach high quality pictures of front, back and optionally side -of your item/s).

1 Test charging of one item (3 Energies [Mother Earth, YHWH Tribute, EnKi Tribute and Extreme Wealth])



1 Item Remote Charging (10 Energies)
(one item charged up to 30x with 10 Energies)



3 Different Items Remote Charging (3 x 10 Energies)
(each item charged with three different set of 10 Energies)



Bulk Items Remote Charging (Multiple items charged with 10 Energies)
(picture needs to include all three items at once [three pictures that show all three items from different sides: front, back and side)



After purchase please let us know about desired Level of power, energies that you have chose which you can send the email address in PDF file. Also high resolution images of items, objects are required.

Estimated time of remote charging is usually 2-4 days but sometimes we are unable to making it faster and it can be extended into 4-8 days.

In case of any questions you may contact with us in help of:



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