Manifest Any Video V3 Limited Time Discount 20%

Hey Guys,

according to request there is Discount for Manifest Any Video newest version 3. At the same time to another request of the Manifest Any Video, and 1000x version is under way – currently I am around 800x and can’t continue the work because my work room is so overload with chi energy that it is unable to be there – so I must wait till energy will fall off and then keep it till 1000x – it’s question of few days and Manifest Any Video v.3 1000x will be done, and than published.

Some updates about Manifest Any Video v.3: it’s in my opinion the best version and it manifest any video exactly as mind see it. It works by repeating mentally the vision and repeat is silently even after watching the video [best effects when use before sleep]. Actually if you took any video and repeat it without any magical tools – it will influence your reality – but with the Manifest Any Video v.3 the speed of manifestation is increased by many, many times.

As for last reviews (about 1 month ago) I took some playboy videos on Youtube and watching them exactly thru 35 minutes. Few hours later I was in local park on bank and there was a girl that sit on opposite bank of mine, she gives strong signs of interests, and keep the strong eye contact. The whole situation was like in movie, and I felt like she is sharing her affection with me. The weird thing was that she walk by and asked me for fire – which, the indirect approach is not very much acceptable in my area. Anyway I talk with her for awhile. When on the way home some women tend to impress me while other seem to, again waving me and strongly show their affection, which improves my mood 🙂

The sexual topic is not the only one than can be manifested with it, but it’s the only one that giving very fast results even the same day. Generally the attraction and self-trust manifesting is the most fast topic that can be visible in outside reality rapidly. If the videos for manifesting are repeated the effects can be very stable.

Indeed the all Manifesting and Learning from any Videos have build-in option to act on the go – customize to user’s mind and feelings – which at practical side means watching different videos not necessary in loop mode – and there is still huge chance to manifest or learn. For doing it- please listen (or use audio talisman) about 30 minutes before watching (and listen [or use audio talisman] also during watching).

Here is link to Manifest Any Video v.3 – Discounted (20%) at Limited Time :

Manifest Any Video Main v.3 – Final Version!