Exercises Sport Booster v.3

made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2

It can be used in both ways:

  • listening via headphones, speakers
  • audio talismans (multiply copies of file)

Each mp3 contains exactly what below Audio Spells / Energies include.

Recorded without any chi suggestion – only pure energies for achieving particular goals.

10 Audio Spells – for listen via headphones or use as virtual pendant (as audio talisman on any stick / drive):

1). YHWH God’s Immortality

2). Titanic Health (leave your comfort zone / fear of cold) to achieve extreme health

3). Self-Control – gain control over your body

4). Enjoy Regular Workouts

5). Counteract Food Advertising – Boycott Junk Foods

6). Boost Specific Sport Skills

7). Boost Muscle Exercises and More Reps

8). Discipline in Training

9). Muscle Strenght

10). Mastery of Chi Kung (useful in any sport discipline).

(do not use while driving a car, operating any machinery, or while activity which requires your full attention).

There are two versions – one for people which are sensitive to energy and those who are not:

  • Version for sensitive people (six different “x” powers inside):

    1). 5x
    2). 10x
    3). 15x
    4). 20x
    5). 25x
    6). 75x

    via Tinypass

  • Extra Strong Version for NON sensitive people (six different “x” powers inside):

    1). 100x
    2). 200x
    3). 300x
    4). 500x
    5). 600x
    6). 745x

    via Tinypass


Please use these at regular basis for optimum success.