Super Brain and Invisibility

This mp3 package is at the same time for listening as using as audio talismans.

There are following 10 Audio Spells / Energies which indicate for what these mp3s are:

  • Zen Mind

  • Yahweh Protection

  • YHWH Wisdom

  • Budda Mind / Super Psychic Strenght

  • 6th Sun – Cloak of Invisibility I

  • 6th Sun – Cloak of Invisibility II

  • 6th Sun – Cloak of Invisibility III

  • 6th Sun – Cloak of Invisibility IV

  • 6th Jupiter – Protects form all earthly dangers

  • 5th Mars – Causes all demons to obey the wishes of the possessor of this powerful seal.

It’s an mp3 project for achieve these mind states:

  • protection, feeling safe and secure

  • boost psychic strength, create mind powers

  • induce cloak of invisibility to enemies and other people

  • create clear mind-state and understanding meaning of your life

Imagine to being Invisible in the crowd of people. Being invisible can makes you feel calm and safe.

EDITED: Invisibility can be very useful while gambling, so your opponents will be not able to see you body language moves.

Each mp3 is charged to certain level of power “x”.

In the package there are:

  • 15x power

  • 35x power

  • 75x power

  • 155x power

Made with Silent Bliss Engine.

Each mp3 contains wall of sound with healing frequencies and tones.

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