Art of Seduction
Learning and Knowledge

Silent Bliss Knowledge
(e-book into MP3)

This is MP3 package is made upon copyright-free/public domain notes and selected fragments from e-books about seduction.

It contains knowledge and helps learning and apply the knowledge about seduction.

This is about learning required knowledge for better seduction skills – at the same time it will affect attitude and may increase self-confidence, especially around women.

Each mp3 can hold and hold indeed about 40-50 pages A4 of text about seduction, approaching, flirting, talking, building rapport, closing, mental amplitude, emotions, etc etc.


Audio Spells in each MP3:

  • 1st Venus – Brings friendships to the possessor.

  • 2nd Venus – For obtaining grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.

  • 3rd Venus – This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.

  • 4th Venus – Of great power, this forces any person the owner desires to come to him or her.

  • 5th Venus – The seal which excites great passion and desire when shown to another.

  • Furfur – Also he will wittingly urge Love between Man and Woman. He can raise Lightnings and Thunders, Blasts, and Great Tempestuous Storms. And he giveth True Answers both of Things Secret and Divine, if commanded.

  • Sallos – He causeth the Love of Women to Men, and of Men to Women.

  • Liquid Confidence with Women

  • Vual – His Office is to procure the Love of Woman, and to tell Things Past, Present, and to Come. He also procureth Friendship between Friends and Foes. He was of the Order of Potestates or Powers.

  • Zepar – His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren.

Eight MP3s in the package are as follows:

  • 10x

  • 20x

  • 40x

  • 120x

  • 180x

  • 240x

  • 300x

  • 400x


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Note: In the Flirting MP3 the art of seduction 120x is here as “fuel”, a kind of trance engine to add more power to programming with chi suggestions, where chi suggestions are overwritten on cocky&funny+art of seduction.
240x or 400x didn’t contain another pages, the Art of Seduction can be also used as audio talisman.
Each MP3 10x or 400x contains the same text amount (pages), only the “x” power/strength output is different, by this listening to 240x -the listener will be able to accumulate knowledge much faster than 10x – however if even 120x is strong for you – 20x or 40x is also good to listen.