Penile Enlargement Version 10
for Headphones

(Multi Mp3s Package)


the following mp3 has been created. Complex one with different mp3s:

Penile Enlargment version 10 for Headphones (Multi Mp3s Package)

It has following Audio Spells:

  • Penile Enlargment I

  • Penile Enlargment II

  • Penile Enlargment III

  • Penile Enlargment IV

  • Penile Enlargment V

  • YHWH Orgasmic Healing I

  • YHWH Orgasmic Healing II

  • Ejaculation Mastery I

  • Ejaculation Mastery II

    (at total 9 Audio Spells)

All mp3s are made with focus Module, which add more focused chi suggestions for high precision.

There is main mp3 named as: PenileEnlargment10.mp3 – it’s the one which is made with Bliss Engine v.6,

for sensitive person it should be quite enough.

For less sensitive there is 2nd mp3s named as: PenileEnlargment10.1_80x_Silent4D.mp3
– and this one is also made with Bliss Engine v.6 however with additional Trance Engines (there is 80x of Penile Enlargement Silent4D).

and after mix down these 80x Trance Engines are overlay with chi suggestions. This version “80x” is definitely for people that are less sensitive to energy.

The 3rd type of mp3 in this package – is the one made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 – so it has some hypnosis power – not much powerful as Hypnosis v.1 but the “v.2” can be used with open eyes and along the activities that do not require your full attention.

Within the Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 there is “PenileEnlargment10_10x.mp3” – this one is the original v.10 mp3 – but additionally charged with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2.

All the rest in 3rd type are:


And all files in folder named as: SilentBlissHypnosisV2 are at the same time the audio talismans.

As we talk previously this Penile Enlargement is the “mind change –> physical change” topic/issue and even it took quite a lot of time to preparing and making this mp3s package the price is set at $24.

All these mp3s are especially for listening via headphones.
(8 mp3s at total in which 5 can be used at the same time as audio talismans).

With the Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 please don’t drive a car and don’t operate any heavy machinery.

Listening Tips: Usually about 1 hour per day – the best if 30-40 minutes at morning and 30-40 minutes before sleep – for at least 1-3 months – this long time is required for physical change.

Please use them on your own responsibility and never treat them as Toy. If you feel you are reach the limit of power (for example feeling too much stress out [chi-overload]) – please take a break of 1-2 days).

As we talk previously, there are possible upgrade of above mp3s into version 11 – in case if you will asking for more power – even these mp3s are quite powerful right now.

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