SMF’s-PositveThinking Freeware Video

Hey Guys,

this video is made especially for all of you that want to be more happy and optimistic.

What is the difference between videos and mp3s, or audio talismans?

Positive charged Videos for manifesting affect:

  • Eyes and the pituitary gland

  • It involve your rational thinking

  • Activate your imagination

  • Optimistic music within video glue entire experience

This video is charged 10x currently and it’s equivalent of about 400-2000x Mp3 made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree.

10x is similar to Trance, so please use it only in safe environment.

For most people it should works, only those completely not sensitive to energy may see the positive change in their mind or mood after 5-7 loops.

The best if you can watch it on HD PC’s screen or you could try VR Headset.

This video is charged with two eXtreme energies:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Endorphin

This freeware may light up your mood and bring new ideas or just can be pleasurable session.

I have to add it, even it’s safe it’s still experimental technology and you agree by downloading it to use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

Download via

Current all new videos you may find here:

Do not change name of file otherwise the energetic link will be lost. Any future charging up to 20x or more will affect all copies – video does not require re-download.

To make it works – optionally watch it few or more times. Video is five minutes long. 720HD.