Standard and Exponential Channeled Ennochian Personalized Candle Spells

a little magic at your fingertips

Everyone, who knows a bit magic -know that Candle Spells may bring well results. Most popular are Wicca Candle Spells – but often require a lots of different settings which finally making them a bit not attractive.

What’s about Channeled Ennochian Candle Spells.

Ennochian Magic is related to Archangels and Angels.

Each spell is channeled by our experienced in Ennochian magic expert magi and you will receive:

  1. Channeled Names of Archangels and Angels
  2. Easy to follow instructions

For what these Spells can be done?

  1. Indeed for anything you want or desire
  2. Example of applications: health, perfect health, personal issues, phobias, wealth issues, attraction, attraction of soul-mate, healing, sexual healing, or anything you wish for (except negative stuff or hate)

How this will happen?

  1. Usually at least two Rituals with Candles are required at your part
  2. After the certain amount of Rituals has been done, you can repeat the Rituals to reinforce the power.
  3. The Ennochian Candle Spell creating bulb of energy that works your way also in help of Archangels and Angels
  4. Dependently from your wish, it can be two rituals at each Sunday evening up to even seven or more.
  5. Exponential Spells does not have minimum volume of Casting. 

In which other days I can cast it?

  1. The best if at Sundays, but the Wednesdays are also okay.
  2. Only in case of some unexpected circumstances like these related to protection or health, you can also set the in others days for fast fix of your problem instantly.
  3. The initial rituals should be done at Sundays only.

Does it is effective?

  1. Yes, it really is. Sometimes very difficult issues, related to health or protection can be fixed with it.
  2. Even issues like “spider phobia” or “allergy and fear of ticks” has been fully erased from clients lives.

What I need to cast it?

  1. Candles, usually white ones, but if the issue is complex it can be another color.
  2. A marker for signing candles, each channeled being’s name per each candle.
  3. Candlestick (make sure it is safe for use).
  4. Organic oil in most cases, but sometimes if the issue is complex some other organic oil type can be required according to dowsing of our magi.
  5. Preferably Matches or optionally lighter.
  6. Some time for look after the candles -so that nothing will burn around (see safe and solid, large candlestick).

How many times I can repeat the ritual?

  1. Limitless. Just make sure that Standard Ennochian Candle Spell works by creating an bulb of energy and once you accomplish required amount of Rituals, the next ones will only a bit improve or a bit reinforce the power, but the initial bulb will be not touched.

What is the Exponential Ennochian Spell?

  1. It’s kind of Spell that is not limited by number of Rituals, with each next setting power increase and increase, and it not limited. With each next Ritual the energy bulb will not be closed but will expand – and the effects will expand exponentially.

Can you set an Ritual for me?

  1. No, I can’t, it’s the job that must be done at your end.

Can I purchase an Ennochian Spell for my mom, dad, brother, wife, girlfriend? Who should set the Rituals?

  1. Yes, there is possibility to set rituals for your family members or friends. In this case it can be casted out both at you or by the person for which it is made.

So what is the difference between Standard and Exponential Ennochian Spells?

  1. First of all, Standard are recommended for simple or not much complicated things.
  2. The Exponential are very, very complex ones, and it takes time to channel and energize them – and from definition Exponential are rather to handle with complex issues.
  3. Of course Exponential are more powerful than Standard ones.

The interesting thing about Exponential ones – is that their effectiveness increase over the time and it can’t be stopped. Exponential are recommended especially for wealth, but also can be helpful in manifesting perfect soul-mate, or in difficult health issues.

Is there any refund policy?

  1. Unfortunately not, because of it’s nature – once we will creating an spell for you, we can’t revoke it, can’t even damage it. Once it’s done it can’t be damaged or returned. So just make sure you know for what you are asking for and before sending us your desired description, re-write it until it will have your ideal goals and wishes.

Process of creating takes up to 7-14 days.

What our top magi said?

Ennochian Spells are out favourite tools. Way better than XSigils, Mp3s, and other tools. Indeed the Exponential Spells are simply the best.

Here is an example of ritual instructions:

Write the sacred names of the Archangels on the two white candles. One each

Mention the name of the Archangels  three times to each candle

State the precise wish and end it with  “This I call with no harm to anyone at all levels”

Smear the candle with organic oil

State the wish of the name of Archangels s thrice again and wish.

Light the candles

State the names of the Archangels  once each and state wish. End with “This I call with no harm to anyone at all levels”

(The instruction came from Angelic Charm Exponential Ennochian Candle Spell)

1 Standard Ennochian Spell
$149 (pre-release – final price will be $179)

1 Exponential Ennochian Spell
$350 (pre-release – final price will be $450)


Discount is possible in case of purchasing in bulk.


Question: How does looks like the ritual at my end? And what’s their effectiveness?

Answer: Ennochian Spell; by my own experience I say they are effective, when mp3s and other tools could doesn’t works (in difficult issues, to fix difficult problems), the candle casting make the things works on your way, in unexpected ways. It’s like last resort.
They are about 3x more effective then XSigil, it’s like the archangels watch over you, and help you from the invisible side. This is especially interesting -because of the contact with Archangels (the beings from Spiritual World).
In my opinion Exponential are most effective, sometimes solve things that can’t be done in another ways. Its like the force from spiritual world that guiding (and giving the energy boost) you to achieve your desired goals.
Yes., each ritual with candles you have to perform at your end. Usually it’s just:
1. prepare white candles (or another color if required)
2. write name of archangel on each candle
3. stick candles to candlestick
4. mention three times the names of archangels
5. state your precise wish
6. smear the candle with organic oil (it’s dependently from what magi will dowse, it can be coconut oil, or myrrh, or another)
7. mention three times of names of each archangel per each candle
8. state your wish again
9. light the candles
10. state archangels names one per each candle
11. state your wish again.
This makes you work upon your wishes, even these which you wouldn’t like the other people to know.
Question: (New, more powerful Type of Ennochian Exponential Candle Spells): You say I have to it only once???
Answer 1: Only once, and than when you will feel intuition, or urge to do so, set once again,
but don’t make any assumptions in your mind now, or week before,
just rely on your intuition in certain day of setting it up,
so set the ritual this Sunday, and see what happens, do not make any assumptions, and wait till next Sunday,
and decide next Sunday, not now.

Answer 2: It has been said in the description, that you make the [candle spell] once, and next time when you will feel urge to do so.

Its new type, very powerful. If you will make one after another, it may be overload of chi energy,
and you could felt bad, so better follow the instructions,
I don’t know if you should set in your mind, making it every Sunday,
just make it this Sunday, and for the next if you will feel tangible urge (but not the one you did as the part of your mind-set; not the one made right now this moment, but wait till next Sunday, and you will feel the real one, like intuition, than you can do, or if you will not feel the calling from assigned Archangels, you can skip it and wait till next Sunday).
You can make even seven [or any quantity you want ] rituals of different candle spells upon yourself at the same time, at Sunday or Wednesday.
Its up to you how often you will make the [candle spell], but once or twice per week is alright.
Did you have any free spells to try out?
No. However XCaster2018 SMF’s Edition include in add-ons/freebies some attached candle rituals. So if you have your own copy, you can find the text document within the attached files.