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Archangelic Ennochian Spells


These are powerful Spells that you can perform at any time you need it. Here is an Example of the instruction for activate the Love Spell:

1. To use. flood first with an awareness of the lack of love or affection in life while staring at the center whiteness with a defocused gaze.
2. Then stare at the rings with a focused gaze while making the Decision that this lack ends now
3. Finally stare at the center writing again and flood with the emotion you would have now that a lot of love is coming into your life.
That’s all. You can repeat it once a month, or optionally at any time you think it is required. Idealy is one per month.
Each Spell is different. Some can be used once per week, or twice per week, dependently from your issue.
After purchase you will receive an special image, which can be used both as printed copy, as well on your PC’s screen, or phone.
The Archangelic Magic Spell is made upon order, and your picture is required.
Below is the list of available spells:

The Spells are exactly as each title and short description indicate.

Another Ennochian XSigils

1. Intuition and Perception Expansion

2. Inner and Occult Knowledge Wellspring

3. Solid Imagination- if you can’t visualize, this make you see things in  

3D. It’s great for manifestation

4. Love Power- You’ll exude a lot of aromatic and fraternal love people will feel

5. Psi and Physical Healing – Restore yourself to the truest possible blueprint

6. Manifestation with Angels- What you think literally unfolds into reality over time

7. Mystical Emanations- You will gradually be aware of the mystical and hidden world around you

Till end of June 2019 one Archangelic Spell’s price is set at $299
Beginning from July 2019 it will be $350 up to $450 per one spell.

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