these two new eXtreme Energies has been created. Upon these Audio Mp3s, ATs, and pendants, gems can be made.

161. Anti Lyme disease – Heal Lyme Disease

General info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyme_disease

Symptoms: https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/signs_symptoms/index.html

Rife Frequencies are apply to about 18 strains of Lyme Disease, while there way more 200 different types of Lyme Disease, currently it’s considered as Disease very hard to fight with, and academic medicine apply antibiotics, that usually don’t heal it fully.

Here are goals:

  • Strengthen immune system to fully get rid of Lyme disease and for boost health
  • Remove Lyme Disease from body (optionally mind, energy body)
  • Total Immunity against Lyme Disease
  • Heal and Recover Body after infection and heal all bad effects
  • Repeal Spiders, Thick, Insects (mosquito, flies) so they avoid the person
  • Elements of Anti-Aging, heal, body recovery.
  • Remove phobia related to thick, and Lyme disease.
  • Finally kill the Lyme Disease and make the body immune to such infections.
  • Optionally an intuition how to fight with it.

It’s good to know that some thick that cause infection and as some people think – are probably genetically modified so this eXtreme Energy needs to be extra effective.
The Lyme Disease is carried by: Thick, mosquito, flies.
In many areas there are new types of mosquitoes, or its climate change, or another factors. But Lyme Disease is not limited to certain area, its worldwide problem.

162. Mastery of any Programming Language in any environment

– Mastery of any Programming Language
(JavaScript, html, CSS, PHP, Python, Android, C++, etc etc
– Mastery of these environments: Webs, servers, windows,
android applications, etc etc
– a bit of math skills, learning,
– success in programming while using any programming language,
in any programming environment**
– patience or just effortless programming
– ability to set up websites powered by programming languages
– ability to creating software, scripts, phone’s applications,
cross platform applications, or even games,
– success mind-set in programming, stubbornness
– of course mastery of WordPress, Joomla, etc, etc; and other platforms, like phpBB, etc etc