Anti Sky Net Detox – Silent Bliss Hypnosis v.2

works both as mp3 and audio talisman.

Audio Spells:

  • Immortality
  • Detox Aid I
  • Detox Aid II
  • Yahweh Immortality (break code of mortality / or unlock the code of immortality [DNA])
  • Yahweh Protection
  • Time Line Power – get control over Space and Time
Detox Aid wrote:The Detox Aid Energy is made exactly upon these description:

1. Request for something to help with the upcoming chem shit being sprayed on a daily basis.energies included detox for heavy metals,parasites balancing with appropriate minerals.and most importontantly a pulsed negative magnetic wouldn’t be something to carry around everyday just as a “wipe off from coming home” if a pulsed magnetic field could be created then you can use the usb drive to scan the body to disable would load usb with as much copies as you can to get body penetration to destroy components.being able to remove this shit would also boost all other products efficiency since they are able to transmit signals sublimnals and the like.cant cocreate with other inhabitants other than you.

2. I already own positiveprotection and causearmytoappear at2 they work very well problem is this shit can have a lock on feature to the host and transmit from ULF AND VLF would help basically anything coming from outside source other than your operations is negated.the nano bots seems to interact with your Candida in your gi tract forming biofilms and other things not allowing true health and balance to come forth.its a very deep rabbit hole that leads to morgellons and other things I’m currently doing a ionic foot bath every other day and it’s the only thing that controls the issue.i know it’s a lot to work with but it’s very much appreciated

AntiSkyNet is especially for removing chemitrails and other shit- they [The might of this world] spray into the air/sky- from the body and mind.

Now $19