HandsomeCreator version for women.

Each mp3 is for listen as it at the same time audio talisman – made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.7 – energy is pretty subtle but still powerful.

Two mp3s in package:
BeingBeautifulSexyWoman.mp3 (version 1).
– this one is powered by Audio Spells and Angelic v.7 itself

– this one is additionally enhanced with Female Charm Trance Engine and contains the same chi suggestions as above audio track.
It can be a bit strong if too strong then please listen version v.1

Because of audio spells and Angelic v.7 – it can add a lots of charm and great aura of attractiveness – optionally also nice synchronizations in time and space.

The chi suggestions are the same as in HandsomeManCreator but adapted for women:

-My face is feminine
-My facial features are fully feminine
-My nose is incredibly feminine and attractive
-I have ultimate femininity
-I am extremely handsome
-I have a feminine and sexy voice
-I have the perfect weight for my height
-I have beautiful and feminine body build
– I am the most aesthetically attractive and handsome woman in the whole universe.
– I have a perfectly formed aesthetic jaw, chin and cheekbones that give me great femininity.
– It is natural for me to have a body and face of tremendous aesthetics.
– Every single part of my face and body is extremely visually appealing and this is due to my fabulous genetic make up.
– I am better looking and far more handsome than every female supermodel in the world.
– My face is scientifically the most beautiful and it perfectly fits the golden ratio.
– My skin is glowing, radiant, free of blemishes and wrinkles, smooth, soft, youthful and utterly flawless.
– I have the most piercing, attractive and sexy eyes that can draw absolutely any male in.
– Every part of my face is so perfectly well proportioned to give me the most visually attractive and aesthetic face of any woman.
– My teeth are absolutely flawless, brilliant white and perfectly straight.
– My hair is extremely thick and perfectly adds to my extreme sex appeal, irresistibility and female handsomeness.
– My body is extremely lean and cut similar to that of a super fit athlete in the peak of his condition with superbly defined biceps, triceps, chest, breasts, back, leg and abdominal muscles.
– I have the world’s most beautiful six pack.

The Energies (Audio Spells) are as follow:

  • Gain Favors
  • Persuasion Powers
  • Irresistible to Others
  • Magnetic Appeal I
  • Magnetic Appeal II
  • Irresistible
  • Power Female Erotic
  • Popularity
  • Strength Energy Vitality
  • Project Charisma
  • Massive Influence
  • Persuasion Demagogics
  • Legendary Attention
  • No Guilt / No Shame
  • YHWH Immortality
  • YHWH Love Attraction & Happiness
  • YHWH Grand Manifestation
  • YHWH Sexual Satisfaction & Happiness

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.