Two mp3s (each is for listening and is audio talisman at the same time) for develop and master three “Haki” abilities: invisible armor, extended perception and influence others at will. 2nd mp3 has 80x of ZenMind Silent4D Img Mp3. Both made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.4.

The idea is from an anime. The idea is invisible armor, along with other abilities. The anime uses something called haki. There are 3 types.
1.)invisible armor, like in Indonesia iron body(Real life)
2.)Observation , this one is for precognition to see a minute or less ahead of time
3.)Using willpower to affect people with weaker willpower

This other link is for conquerors haki REAL LIFE.

This guys is a chi qong master , conquerors haki is using chi qong to make opponents faint.

Anime version of Qi Qong Master using conquerors haki, willpower to make opponents faint to save brother ( 0:50) where it starts

16 Audio Spells / Energies inside each mp3:

  • Control Time and Space
  • Rabid Willpower
  • Zen Mind
  • YHWH Psi
  • YHWH Manifestation
  • Psi Faith
  • Mental Game Squared
  • Budda Mind
  • Dominance and Self-Confidence
  • Mastery of Chi Kung
  • Manifest my Hidden wishes and desires
  • True Acceptance
  • Enthusiasm
  • 4th Mars
  • 6th Mars
  • 7th Mars

Chi suggestion almost the same as below:

I finally mastered kenbunshoku haki (observation)
I finally mastered busoshoku haki (Armament )
I finally mastered haoshoku haki (conquerors)
My kenbushouku haki is evolving beyond mastery level
My busoshoku haki is evolving beyond mastery Level
My conquerors haki also known as haoshoku haki is evolving to levels beyond mastery
I am able to see targets auras clearly just like I can see nature around me
It’s completely normal for me to see the aura of everything with my vision
My Haki abilities assists me in empathizing with the emotions and nature of others
My busoshoku haki gives me the ability to create invisible armor around me similar to the strongest power in the universe to repel attacks
I can increase my defense and attacks with my observation and armament haki abilities
My Haoshoku haki allows me to exert my willpower over others
It’s completely safe to use my abilities
I use my abilities to develop and master myself
I use my abilities to protect friends and family
It’s completely healthy and safe to use all my haki abilities
My Haki abilities increase beyond Yonko levels

by D.J.D.

These are a bit grey or dark mp3s. For self-defense and elements of attack. It can be useful while mastering martial arts as well as in everyday life.

Please use these mp3s wisely and on your own responsibility.

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