The package of mp3s is made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree and is enhanced with Angelic Booster.

It has one audio spell for:

  • Learning from Videos (mostly youtube, but it can also be learning/instructional DVD) – and this is the Knowledge version, so for learning different things, like about health, any topic. Also with elements of positive protection of manifestations. If there is video with Mantak Chia where he talking about chi energy and importance of ejaculation mastery – idea it so get his knowledge, learn it. If this is video for example of Yogi, Buddhist, or another one, the idea is to get his knowledge, to learn something from him, also supported by Akashic records and super learning. Any type of video is applicable, the idea is to become most enlightenment, and also kind of super human, as one of you mention once. In fast way accumulate knowledge from youtube videos. BUT there is something important to say: It is the version for guys only, because if someone took video with a girl that making kata or making the exercise, or anything else the bad idea would be to getting into kind of “female” moves, so, let’s making it only for guys.

Any topic is okay. Can be about nutrition as well video course for prepare to exam.

Each mp3 contains 15Hz so make sure that:

Important information before listen to these mp3s:
Those who should not use these mp3s include: pregnant women and those who are wear a pacemaker, those who have had or are prone to seizures, and those are epileptic, whether knowingly or not.Those who should consult a physician before the use of this mp3s include: individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.These mp3s not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they be legal or illegal.Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of these mp3s, as they are more susceptible to seizures.Finally, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE AUDIO MP3S WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.

The “x” power / strength versions inside:

  • 5x
  • 30x
  • 50x
  • 80x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 400x
  • 600x
  • 800x
  • 1000x
  • 1500x
  • 2000x
  • 2500x
  • 3000x
  • 3500x

Usage is simply. Take any video with the knowledge content to learn and listen at the same time to any “x” power version (which is most comfortable for you) – it can be also used as audio talisman – so while watching carry some ATs files. Optionally both: listen and use as audio talismans.

Higher version “x” provide faster process of learning. Do not over-power yourself.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

$39 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=Dfl8s3f