Remove Smoking Habit Mp3 and Audio Talisman in one.

Clearing of negative beliefs about smoking which finally can lead to stop smoking. Main goal here is to get rid of all negative thinking and feeling relief.

Its about removing negative thinking and energies related to smoking habit:
– frustration
– weak will-power
– habits
– behaviors
– thoughts
– energies
– emotions

Two audio spells:
– Stop smoking
– Remove Limiting Beliefs

It’s clearing type of mp3/AT and it more about sense of relief and release of all negative crap related to smoking – it may lead to smoke less or quit – but it’s not much about it. Each smoker has stress about own habit and accumulated negative things – for example lack of self-love or lack of self-trust. This is about releasing it all and making mind free.

Please use it wisely and use only on your own responsibility.