Superior Titanic Health – for rapid healing.

Design for rapid healing and fast recovery; to add more titanic health and to creating new health neuro-pathways for better healthy future. Effortlessly escape from your comfort zone and do something for your health.

Your faith in this product is not required – only usage on regular basis will give the best effects. In some cases of flu or cold – the instant healing effect may appear. Please make sure to choose right “x” power quantity adequate to your condition.

This product is made in help of Silent Bliss Engine – as well good for listening as for using it as audio talisman (multiple copies for more power output).

For sensitive persons version up to 100x is more apply.

An mp3 build upon Total Balance and Health with new 10 Audio Spells as follow:

– Digital Anti-depresant / Enthusiasm
– Budda Mind / Super Psychic Strenght
– Healing Heart and Back to Normal Blood Pressure
– Mental Game 2
– YHWH Able to say No
– No Emotional Storms
– Self Control
– Titanic Health / easy to escape from comfort zone
– YHWH Brain and Digestive System
– YHWH Ultimate Health
– YHWH Immortality v.2
– YHWH Orgasmic Healing
– YHWH Sexual Satisfaction

Each mp3 is 6 minutes long and can be used as audio talisman (virtual pendant).

Please don’t treat is as a TOY and use on your own responsibility.

Two versions;


Five mp3s with different strenght:
1- 15x
2- 25x
3- 50x
4- 75x
5- 100x



Six mp3s with different enhanced strenght:

1- 150x
2- 200x
3- 250x
4- 350x
5- 450x
6- 550x


It can be listen to:

– during other activities that does not require your full attention
– while sleeping or short nap
– thru speakers, earphones, rad-devices, radionics softwares such as xtreme caster 2014 and 2018, karl’s rad-sw.

If you put glass of water between two speakers – after 40 minutes of playing this mp3 – the water gets energized – drink it immediately.

Please use it wisely. No FDA statements.