It’s include these three energies:

  • Re-programm mind, or remove something from mind (especially for creating mp3s/at’s-with purpose of re-programming mind or remove negative beliefs/synchronizations, etc etc)
  • Akashic records with learning abilities from Akashic Records (it may appear as thoughts projections, mind’s projections, but it is all safe for a user).
  • Photoreading, knowledge accumulation, ability to retain informations fast and easy
    Useful with:
    – reading any text, book, etc, internet websites
    – using text to speed ebook reader (so at the same time via sound and eyes)
    – speed up learning process, cognition, memory, focus

There are three versions: 9x, 21x, and 96x enhanced with Bliss Engine v.6.

Usage is simple:

While learning (at the same time with intention to change your mind) just listen to this mp3 on headphones.

If this is Text-To-Speed reader – listen to this mp3 on low volume.

It also works as Audio Talisman.

The best tips for learning is to read text like 1-2 times (for about 20 minutes) and make a break – then back to it in like within 30 minutes up to 1-2 hours.

Of course it will works if you keep reading over and over again – however proven methods of knowledge accumulation seems to works better – or at least your brain can rest a bit.

It also can be helpful in memorize positive affirmations or while watching motivational Youtube videos, or any material that can in positive way change your mind.

Generally it is not recommend to use it to learning negative content.

The whole trick of this Mp3s lays in MindChange Audio Spell Energy that while learning allow to change mind of the user.

It is here: $29