Perfect Vision (Healing) up to 20,000x

made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree with this one audio spell:

  • 113. Perfect Vision

    -getting perfect vision and stop wearing glasses., -heal eyes and restore perfect vision, -rapid healing of eyes, and cut reasons of illness of eyes, -heal all body systems related to healthy eyes, – intuition on how to heal eyes in natural ways (natural supplements, natural therapies)

the zip archive include these “x” power strength versions:

  • 1000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 100xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 10xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 16,000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 20,000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 2000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 200xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 20xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 4000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 400xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 40xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 5xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 8000xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 800xPerfectVision.mp3
  • 80xPerfectVision.mp3

To make it works listen in “loop” mode. Or use as audio talisman. Each file is for listen as used as audio talisman.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. Do not stress out yourself. Never treat is as TOY.


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