made with Silent4D Image Mp3 Level 4 and mixed up to 500,000,000x with inDirectSubliminal style.

(all previous Silent4D Image Mp3s was made at Level 3, the default value, the Level 4 is about 5x more stronger than Level 3).

It is for listening with headphones only.

It’s not Audio Talisman (AT).

Not for sensitive people. Rather even not for average sensitive people (8000x), it’s power can be considered as 600,000x or more.

Designed for those completely not sensitive to energy (above 20,000x).

Please use it wisely and only on your responsibility.

$5 and it will be at $5 – it’s experimental and can be treated as add-on to another versions.

Made upon request.

PE – means: penile enlargement. This audio is intended to bring physical change with regular usage. Still experimental.

At Selz we are not selling in the EU Countries. Those who are located in EU, have to request MP3s via Parteon or healingtools4you.com.

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