This short article based upon notes from old Xtrememind board that I have written down to my notebook many years ago.

Version 1: signs or what could happen if person got chi-overload from energy (chi energy from devices, pendants, chi-generators, crystals, mp3s, ATs, virtual psionics, xsigils, other energy tools):

  • feeling like being under pressure
  • weakness
  • forgetfulness or going very fast into irritation
  • sudden lack of appetite

If person didn’t do anything about it (like for example basic grounding) OR didn’t make a break the following effects may occur:

  • extraordinary mood swings
  • going into “Blue Funk”

Another sings of permanent chi-overload that may happen:

– becomes particularly hypocritical (eventually having hypocritical thoughts)
– being able to harm other people’s emotions OR tendency to harming other people’s emotion OR own emotions.

There is another list of called there as

Version 2:

  • excessive focused energies in certain body’s area with often chakra burning effect
  • insomnia, poor quality of sleep
  • stress, nervousness, ability to creating phobias
  • feeling of absurdity, lack of consequence
  • constant throwing from one topic into another one (especially during talk / discussion)
  • eventual increased high blood pressure / basic symptoms of high blood pressure
  • state of energetic hyperactivity
  • energetic pressure in certain points within the body
  • irritability, suspiciousness

The two above lists are especially related to effects in permanent chi-overload when person used to ignore states of basic chi-overload.

Simplest way to avoid above effects is to as soon as you will feel any feeling of being under pressure or being under energetic pressure – it’s time to make a break from all tools that:

or generate energy by itself
or stimulate production of energy
or my increase energetic tension

for at least 1-3 days and everything should be okay.

If you use energetic tools quite often and you are energetically sensitive to energy it’s good practice to make about 2-5 days breaks.

Also huge role plays physical exercises as well it’s opposite: sedentary lifestyle. When you don’t move your body much within the day – the energy can be much more focused and intense.

Drinking a lot’s of water also helps – water is like conduit to energy and it helps to distribute energy to whole body.

Above lists can be also related to ‘chi breathing’ chi-overload too.

Best ways (and speed ones) for grounding are:

1. Shower, good if cold water, but for sure not, hot.

2. Hug a tree, and ask it or God for grounding.

3. Walking barefoot.

4. Put your foot into water with salt.

5. If strong chi-overload, bath with salt, you can add herbs like Lemon Balm to calm down (brewed herbs).

6. Jobet Claudio recommends at old XM’s Forum also “alone masturbation session” (of course only once).

7. Good idea is to go where large trees are, take a picture of the one you like at most, go home, print two copies, laminate both copies, and than bury one of them near the same tree, and use the another as transfer link (printed laminated picture/two identical pictures creating ‘transfer link’ [according to Karl Welz’s “Magic of the Future”), you can optionally edit picture before printing and add there text like: “I am fully grounded now 98593852983 [with random number]”.