This short article based upon notes from old Xtrememind board that I have written down to my notebook many years ago.

Version 1: signs or what could happen if person got chi-overload from energy (chi energy from devices, pendants, chi-generators, crystals, mp3s, ATs, virtual psionics, xsigils, other energy tools):

  • feeling like being under pressure
  • weakness
  • forgetfulness or going very fast into irritation
  • sudden lack of appetite

If person didn’t do anything about it (like for example basic grounding) OR didn’t make a break the following effects may occur:

  • extraordinary mood swings
  • going into “Blue Funk”

Another sings of permanent chi-overload that may happen:

– becomes particularly hypocritical (eventually having hypocritical thoughts)
– being able to harm other people’s emotions OR tendency to harming other people’s emotion OR own emotions.

There is another list of called there as

Version 2:

  • excessive focused energies in certain body’s area with often chakra burning effect
  • insomnia, poor quality of sleep
  • stress, nervousness, ability to creating phobias
  • feeling of absurdity, lack of consequence
  • constant throwing from one topic into another one (especially during talk / discussion)
  • eventual increased high blood pressure / basic symptoms of high blood pressure
  • state of energetic hyperactivity
  • energetic pressure in certain points within the body
  • irritability, suspiciousness

The two above lists are especially related to effects in permanent chi-overload when person used to ignore states of basic chi-overload.

Simplest way to avoid above effects is to as soon as you will feel any feeling of being under pressure or being under energetic pressure – it’s time to make a break from all tools that:

or generate energy by itself
or stimulate production of energy
or my increase energetic tension

for at least 1-3 days and everything should be okay.

If you use energetic tools quite often and you are energetically sensitive to energy it’s good practice to make about 2-5 days breaks.

Also huge role plays physical exercises as well it’s opposite: sedentary lifestyle. When you don’t move your body much within the day – the energy can be much more focused and intense.

Drinking a lot’s of water also helps – water is like conduit to energy and it helps to distribute energy to whole body.

Above lists can be also related to ‘chi breathing’ chi-overload too.

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