Demi God Project

EXtreme Power, up to 100-1000x the power of XSigils

(only for advanced users)

This project has been ended officially at 30 August 2022. Now it’s limited; we can’t create it for everyone due to planets; if you are interested in; we can check – for this your initial data is required: your picture, birthdate, birthplace, current residence.

Our deepest, most powerful magick involves releasing a powerful Genie for you.
Over 100X the power of XSigils and the Genie essentially turn you into a wish caster. Of course, the more connected to reality the wish is, the more likely it will happen. The Genie will not do things like make you set the White House on Fire instantly.
Several powerful Demi Gods are invoked a lead deity powers the virtual genie/entity.
This service is only for advanced users of SMF/HT4Y, as total newbies can be overloaded or even go crazy.
  • What: Invokes a lifetime Genie for the client. Includes the special invocations to use with the Genie Sigil
  • Result: The Client can cast any wish that will manifest, depending on difficulty or reality.
  • How Long: The magick lasts a lifetime and takes 2 weeks to cast
  • Side effects: the Client will radiate intense vibes of attractiveness on all levels by virtue of the Genie presence
  • Requires: photos of client, birthdate, birthplace, current residence



  • The Genie is about 100x to 500x of the XSigils. More powerful than the virtual radionics/psionics. On first use, you may even feel a Kundalini rush 🤗.
  • Genie, is a good partner if you want to start full-blown spell casting services that see results
At it’s lowest power strength, the Genie magick is about 500 times to 1000 times the XSigil (Ennochian version). When The Genie had been with you for at least a year, you’re looking at about 1Million times the power of a XSigil.
Be aware that the Genie will make the thoughts and desires of yours – manifest very rapidly. The Genie will also create near invincibility to disease, psi attack and physical assault. We could refuse your request of creating it in case you are publicly evil or have bad reputation. The power is TREMENDOUS, and we feel responsibility to provide it only to people with good will. Moreover, when person creating evil over and over again, consequences of the Cosmos Laws, the cause and effect, for such person can be tragic. But as long as you have good intentions – the Demi God magick will works for you pretty well.
Other effects:
  1. Extremely high energy and mood levels
  2. Extremely powerful attractive energies
  3. Fear in the hearts of negative entities and demons
  4. Auto manifestation- thinking of certain things, makes them happen quite fast, especially if these are things that are physically or etherically probable.


Is it good for Sensitive people?

  • Whether you are sensitive or not, you will benefit on so many levels…. the most evident will be that wishes come true very rapidly. This cast turn yourself into a powerful, effortless spellcaster 🙂


Is the Genie has a kind of “blockage” to prevent manifesting bad things? I mean, many people think in negative way, is the Demi God Genie will react only to positive ones? Does it amplify only good and repel emotions? This is crucial, many people even try to think in positive way, deep inside the head they have negative thoughts or emotions.

  • Genie, has layers of protection that lower the chances of negative energy manifesting. This is akin to the general statement used in all Wicca spell casts that carry the phrase: “May this come to pass with no harm to anyone”.
  • However, if the thought or desire for evil or negative is too intense, it can continue to draw power from the Demi God Genie (or the radionic device). In which case, the negativity can happen.

Download voice instructions: Demi God instructions.mp3

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