Empower Endeavors

Permanent High Ennochian Spell

Call upon multiple archangels during significant life events, new challenges and directions. Reusable infinite number of times and with the primary objective of blessing the outcome of effort directed at novel circumstances.

Empower Endeavors is a Permanent High Ennochian Spell. Its power is similar to standard XSigils, it requires the client to perform one simple ritual. Works permanently. You can, but you don’t have to repeat the ritual.
The main features of the product are: call upon multiple archangels during significant life events, new challenges and directions. Reusable infinite number of times and with the primary objective of blessing the outcome of effort directed at novel circumstances. Historical sources from various cultures describe Heavenly Beings created by God who serve as intermediaries, divine messengers, between Heaven and Earth. They bring divine light to all creatures. One of the many who experienced the seven rays of archangels described her feelings as follows: “The described ways of communicating with the Beings of Light have been and are a support not only for me and my family members, but also for people who used my help in various ways. Because I experience their agency daily, sometimes in very mundane situations, I want to share this knowledge and confirm my readiness to help in our human life, “here and now””. As you can see, it is a complex and deep topic, a strong energy that carries great power that can entirely change your life for the better. The knowledge of the Archangels of the Seven Rays and the ways of working with them was developed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, based on the messages of Saint German. She was a precursor of contemporary spirituality and an internationally known author. The knowledge described in her books comes from direct messages from the Ascended Masters. “I got the ways of communicating with the Archangels of the Seven Rays and using their power in my daily life at one of the courses I attended.” In various ways, in a physical way, the Angels show us that they are next to us and ready to contact us: “angel lights”: flashes, sparks as the angel travels in time and space, feathers, in places where there are no birds, little coins, repeated numbers, inscriptions with the names of angels, repeating melody or song lyrics, book titles that are a clue to questions bothering us, prophetic dream, characteristic smells, the smell of flowers or smoke (when it is not there), touching, stroking, a hug (when not next to a person), changes in air pressure around the head, a surge of euphoria, bliss.
There are seven powerful energies in the cosmos that have a specific color – frequency. Each of them has specific physical properties, conditions the appropriate emotions, controls the energy economy, strengthens or weakens our advantages and disadvantages. We are born and live under a certain color of energy, but we can always take advantage of the benefits of all colors. Light has seven specific vibrations that are most beautifully manifested in the rainbow in the sky after rain: blue, yellow, pink, green, white, gold, ruby, purple. Colors have their characteristics, appropriate energy and are under the control of one of the Archangels:
1. Archangel Michael (Michael) – blue,
2. Archangel Jophiel (Jofiel) – yellow and gold,
3. Archangel Chamuel (Ciamuel) – pink magenta,
4. Archangel Raphael (Raphael) – green, emerald,
5. Archangel Gabriel – white, crystal, pearl,
6. Archangel Uriel – ruby gold,
7. Archangel Zadkiel – purple.
Archangel Michael is the Rector, the one on whom all other archangels and their legions rely. Michael is considered an angel of righteousness and courage, responsible for exterminating evil. He watches over the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. He is an Angel who provides protection: physical and spiritual, safety and taking care of us. It can heal our bodies and souls. It frees you from forces that aggravate ailments and harmful habits. Furthermore, it helps to overcome doubts and fear. Features: manages the sphere of Mercury, takes care of the fiery signs of the zodiac – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, transmits the light of shiny white, blue, silver, orange, is the patron of stones – pearl, fire opal, agate, metal – mercury, plants and incense – sandalwood , birch, lavender.
Archangel Jophiel works with yellow, golden – it gives peace, tranquility. In the available literature, it appears as a male and a female form. Traits: intelligence, knowledge, enlightenment, inspiration, connection with nature. He is the patron of art and beauty. By inviting Jophiel to your life: we gain confidence, appreciate ourselves, see the beauty in ourselves, silence our ego and strengthen our trust in divine messages, cleanse the body and mind, but also the surrounding space to fill it with beauty, free from addictions, pride, pride, ignorance, heal human relations, we discover hidden talents, it will bring acceptance, hope, an optimistic outlook for the future.
Archangel Chamuel emanates all shades of pink, we ask him for love, friendship, harmony, healing a broken heart, he protects against slander, evil intentions of third parties. If we want to find happiness and unconditional love in our lives, we ask Archangel Chamuel for help. Surround everything around with pink light and love, and in this way we will heal ourselves and the world.
Above have been described only a few archangels and the might of their powers. You can imagine how, together with others, you can change your life, significantly improve its quality. Human life is often restless, full of fear, chaos, failures, its pace becomes overwhelming, which is flooded with sadness and a feeling of failure. As a result, most frequently people fall into depression, anxiety, insomnia. It is hard for yourself to break free, break this vicious circle, lift yourself from depression and mend your life. Therefore, help both – from other people and from immaterial beings, their power, and energy is irreplaceable, it guarantees success and improvement of the quality of existence. Archangels are extremely powerful beings, their combined power takes care of you in every aspect of your life, this can cause an extraordinary change and ensure complete happiness. They will save you in the hardest moments, making difficult decisions and taking new directions. You can imagine what your new life will start to look like: calm, organized, full of inner peace, good people and calm negative emotions. You can be sure of their blessing, providence, help, good energy and invisible power affecting your life.

What life’s benefits you can expect?

  • Call upon multiple archangels during significant life events, new challenges and directions
  • Reusable infinite number of times
  • The primary objective of blessing the outcome of effort directed at novel circumstances

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Permanent High Ennochian Spell is delivered as a digital image/video (formats: JPG/PNG/MP4) programmed to perform a simple ritual to finally achieving certain goals – for which this particular chosen Spell has been is pre-programmed. It is made upon order and is personalized. For creation, your picture, and name is required. We can’t establish energetic connection without picture and name. Delivery via email or via Etsy’s messages.

After receive, you have to follow simple instructions to complete the ritual. Once it’s done; the spell is permanent. You can repeat the ritual, but it’s not necessary.

High Ennochian Permanent Spells power is closed to 3/4 Standard XSigil (estimated. comparable strength to SMF/HT4Y MP3s varies between 2000x up to 8000x).

Here is full list of all available High Ennochian Spells:


Time of creation takes between 12 up to 30 days. Usually earlier, just some titles require more empowerment and may take a bit long – due to complexity.