Raphael’s Staff

Permanent High Ennochian Spell

Aids healing of chronic injuries and ailments, synchronizes meetings with soulmates and twin flames, alleviates intergenerational karma ,dispel hatred of enemies, create immunity to environmental and social stressors, triple the creative process

Raphael’s Staff is a Permanent High Ennochian Spell. Its power is similar to standard XSigils, it requires the client to perform one simple ritual. Works permanently. You can, but you don’t have to repeat the ritual.

Problems with physical and mental health are more and more common nowadays. Imagine that you can live without it, in perfect medical condition. As is well known, health is a first step to achieve and experience happiness because how could you do it if you are in physical or mental pain? Raphael’s Staff can solve this problem and do much more. Even though it aids healing of chronic injuries and ailments, the healing abilities of this product is incredible (of course aids, it’s an important word). With this power, you can enjoy your life, be free from suffering. Think about this life, how beautiful it could be. But it’s not everything, Raphael’s Staff power is not limited only to supporting health. The possibilities of this product are much greater. Another benefit is that it synchronizes meetings with soulmates and twin flames. Finding your soulmate is a dream of almost everyone.

We – people are a social being, we can’t live alone. Soulmate is someone more than a lover, but of course, it often comes together. It is a person with an ideal soul and mind connection with you, a match between you is perfect. This connection never ends, in contrast to the love feeling which usually expires. Finding your soulmate is a real dream. Your life starts being more colorful, the spiritual bond within us makes you calmer and happier. Adversities become easier to overcome when you find a twin flame. It can be everyone, friend, lover, family member. The most important thing is to keep that person because this ideal match is not common, sometimes only one person in an entire life. With Raphael’s Staff, your chances to meet soulmates increase very much. It synchronizes meetings and helps with a combination of your spiritual paths, so your only task is to look carefully at people around you, maybe someone you accidentally meet is yours the one? There are even more specifications of this product. Intergenerational karma is an influential problem. You probably know if you struggle with that difficulty. Repeated misfortunes in the family, intergenerational bad luck or tragedies, usually struggling with being unhappy and often experiencing undeserved adversities. All these things make up your family’s bad karma. It disturbs your aura and the flow of positive energy. You are perhaps didn’t know how far back is the issue and how complicated it is now.

However, Raphael’s Staff can help you in alleviating that karma, regardless of the stage of advancement. If you decide to try this, you will immediately feel relieved and the weight from your shoulders will drop. The energy barrier is lifted due to the negative karma that was around you, and good energy starts to surround you. Then you can truly live, enjoy all its details without any additional misfortunes. Positive aura will give you vitality, willingness to live, it will chase dark clouds out of your mind and replace them with the sun. Another function is dispelling hatred of enemies. It’s an essential point if you want to achieve inner peace. Hate is a very negative feeling, disrupts the chakras, blocks the flow of good emotions. It can be said to poison the mind. This is why it is that important to cleanse yourself of this hate feeling. Giving up on fighting is a big step towards a positive aura also, abandoning the fight will weaken your enemies because by letting go of the vicious circle of hate it is broken. Your enemies, as you gradually experience the waning of your hatred, also cause their envy towards you to cease, which slowly alleviates your negative relationships. As a result, it is easier to achieve peace of mind, organize your thoughts, inner peace allows you to focus on self-development and an effective arrangement of life. The sense of security increases, so you can sleep better without fear of enemies. The next related product feature is to create immunity to environmental and social stressors. Stress, pressure, and the rush of life make hundreds of thousands of people feel depressed, chronic anxiety and insomnia. This is due to, for example, a bad work environment, the environment of toxic people, whether they are the other half, family members, false friends. It disturbs your inner peace, has a bad effect on the psyche, fills you with negative energy and spreads a bad aura around you.

Raphael’s Staff will help you to solve these problems It spreads a protective shield around you, blocks negative environmental and social sensors. Thanks to this protective barrier, you can cleanse your interior, get rid of all worries and fill this place with positive thoughts and open yourself to receive the most optimal amount of good energy. In combination, you can organize your life, get rid of bad people in your life, get motivation to act and inspiration to create. The combination of all the product’s abilities are very thoughtful, it could allow you to obtain almost complete happiness and is a big step towards achieving success and leading a peaceful life full of positive energy. The last, but no less important, feature of this Permanent High Ennochian Spell is that it triple the creative process. If you are an artist, or you just have this element in your soul, you love to create and express through art, this feature of the product should arouse your interest. Every artist encounters a lack of inspiration, it blocks the creation process, causes frustration, the inability to translate one’s own emotions provokes negative thoughts, disturbs inner peace and, if art is your work, it delays the execution of orders, which exposes you to financial losses.

Raphael’s Staff power will triple this process! This is very helpful when you feel burned out or dissatisfied with your creations. Accelerating the creation process allows you to increase completed orders, affects the flow of positive emotions and increases satisfaction with your works. Releasing suppressed feelings through art improves its quality because real emotions add credibility to the work being created, thus making a greater impression on the recipients. However, this is not a positive aspect only for artists, people working in other professions that require creativity, such as, for example, a PR specialist or copywriter. Anyone looking for inspiration in every aspect of this word can count on accelerating this process thanks to the power of the product. Raphael’s Staff is a product that affects various problems and aspects of life. However, it can be easily seen that they are interconnected and the purpose of all these features is to help you achieve happiness, improve the quality of life and support you in achieving success.

What life’s benefits you can expect?

  • Aids healing of chronic injuries and ailments
  • Synchronizes meetings with soulmates and twin flames
  • Alleviates intergenerational karma
  • Dispel hatred of enemies
  • Create immunity to environmental and social stressors
  • Triple the creative process

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Permanent High Ennochian Spell is delivered as a digital image/video (formats: JPG/PNG/MP4) programmed to perform a simple ritual to finally achieving certain goals – for which this particular chosen Spell has been is pre-programmed. It is made upon order and is personalized. For creation, your picture, and name is required. We can’t establish energetic connection without picture and name. Delivery via email or via Etsy’s messages.

After receive, you have to follow simple instructions to complete the ritual. Once it’s done; the spell is permanent. You can repeat the ritual, but it’s not necessary.

High Ennochian Permanent Spells power is closed to 3/4 Standard XSigil (estimated. comparable strength to SMF/HT4Y MP3s varies between 2000x up to 8000x).

Here is full list of all available High Ennochian Spells:


Time of creation takes between 12 up to 30 days. Usually earlier, just some titles require more empowerment and may take a bit long – due to complexity.